Earn Free Stocks Valued Up To $200 From MooMoo Trading App


Jul 8, 2019

Earn Free Stock From Moomoo

Moomoo is a zero-commission trading app that allows you to buy buy stocks, options, ADRs and ETFs right from your phone.

When you use a Moomoo Referral Bonus Link to sign up, you receive a free share of stock valued at $3-$200!

There are no fees to open an account and there is also no minimum to receive your stock bonus.

To claim your free share from your mobile device go to https://j.moomoo.com/000CAb

Install the app and sign up for a Futu Brockerage account within the app. During the sign up process you will be asked some basic information to create the account. Please note the information you are providing(e.g., name, address, Social Security, date of birth, etc.) is standard information that is required to open any brokerage account.

Once your account has been approved you will receive your free stock.

Refer A Friend To Moomoo And Receive More Free Stock

Once you account has been created, you will have a referral link within the app that you can use to refer your own friends and earn more free stocks! When your friend signs up for Moomoo through your referral link you both will receive a free share of a stock that is valued up to $200!

To share your referral link, open the app and click on free stocks.

Here you will find the details about the referral program as well as your unique link.

Click the Invite Friends button and choose the option you wish to use to share your link. You can send a text, email or share to facebook from right inside the app. Alternatively you can also copy the link to your clip board to share it on other platforms.

Once you create your free account with MooMoo, please feel Free to leave your MooMoo Referral Code Below in the comments. 👇