iMoney- Free Iphone App That Pays You To Test Apps


Aug 14, 2019

iMoney Is One of The Best Free Make Money Apps

iMoney is an Iphone app that pays you to complete tasks from your iPhone. It is one of the easiest apps to make money with and best of all it is 100% free.

There are 3 ways you make money with the iMoney app.

1.) Completing tasks inside the app.

2.)Completing a daily check in

3.)Referring friends to the iMoney App.

How To Earn Money Completing Imoney Tasks

The iMoney home tab displays simple tasks that are available for you to complete. Each tasks takes about 4 minutes(depending on how quickly your phone installs apps). Each task is worth $0.23-$0.50. Tasks usually are refreshed at 4PM Est, however some tasks are available at other times through out the day.

1.) Click on the task you want to complete.

2.)The app will provide the instructions to complete the tasks. Usually, it will instruct you to search keywords in the Itunes store. It will also provide you a picture of the logo that you should install as well as the position in the search results.

3.) Search the keyword in iTunes

4.) download and install the app

5.)Open the app, wait 3 mins.

6.)Collect your reward.

Earn $0.10 Every Day Just for Checking In

Everyday you open the app and check in you earn $0.10. In addition to the $0.10 checkin reward, you will also earn an extra bonus for consecutive check in.

Day 3 you earn an additional $0.15

Day 7 $0.30

Day 15 $0.60

Day 30 $1.00

Earn Up To $10 For Each Friend You Invite To iMoney!

Use your iMoney Referral Link to invite friends to iMoney! Every friend that signs up and completes tasks you will earn money.

You can earn $1 when the friend you referred completes their first task.

$0.50 for each task up to $10.00

The referral program is unlimited, the more friends you invite, the more money you earn!

I Love The iMoney App

iMoney is one of the best paid to download apps out there! I've never had issues with missing credits. Your wallet fills up pretty quickly, and the referral program is pretty generous. Most microtask apps run on Fyber or TapJoy and the token value is not as high as the rewards iMoney offers. I've seen some proofs floating around the internet of people making thousand+ off the iMoney app. On average you can cashout $5-$10 a week with no referrals.

Click the button below from your iPhone to try it for yourself! New users usually receive a $2 bonus after completing 10 tasks.


Once you've joined Imoney, don't forget to leave your Referral Link Below in the comments. 👇