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Good Luck App Pays Real Money!

Free Money Alert!

Good Luck App is a scratch off app that is available on Android only(Sorry IOS users). I have had Good Luck App installed since it was first released and have cashed out a few times from this app. There are different tasks/games available within the app for you to earn cash and credits towards free gift cards. Since  I have been using the app from day one, there was a period of time when no ads were being displayed and racking up points was effortless. I will be honest, I took a break from the app after it was in full ad mode, but last week I started to give it another try.

Today marks my 7th day that I have consistently logged in and interacted with the app and I must say I am impressed with how many tokens I have racked up in this short period of time. I set a goal is to cashout the $5 reward, but I may wait until I hit $10! At the pace I am earning, I estimate I should hit the $10 bonus within 2 weeks. I know $10 is not much, however I have played other scratch offs that I have never been able to accumulate enough tokens even for the minimum reward.

Good Luck App Available Prizes

How To Earn On Good Luck App

As I already mentioned, there are a few ways you can earn tokens and cash in the Good Luck App.

💰 Daily Check In Rewards-You get free tokens everyday you check in with the app. There are 7 daily reward amounts, and on the 7th day you also spin for additional tokens.

Day #1- Earn 2k Free tokens

Day #2-Earn 3K tokens

Day #3- Earn 3K tokens

Day #4- Earn 5K tokens

Day #5- Earn 8K tokens

Day #6-Earn 12K tokens

Day #7- Earn 12K tokens, plus a lucky spin for 7 days of continuous login. The Lucky Spin Wheel ahas 6 prizes:

10,000 Tokens

20,000 Tokens

50,000 Tokens




💰 Scratch Off Cards-Everyday the app is reloaded with new scratch tickets that are available for a set number of hours. You earn rewards for each ticket you scratch, regardless if it is a grand prize winner.

💰Daily Lotto-You can pick 5 numbers and 1 bonus number everyday to enter into the lottery drawing. It is free to enter the daily lotto(no tokens required). The winning numbers are announced at 10:30 PM EST time. You earn points for each matching number.

💰Raffle- Good luck app has 3 different raffles. There is an hourly drawing that offers a $1 win, a daily drawing for $50 and a weekly drawing for $1,000! You can also claim daily raffle ticket from each raffle by watching an ad video. Once the ad is complete, you get to spin for a number of free tickets. Once you have used your free daily ticket spin, you can also get additional tickets by using your Good Luck Tokens.

💰Casino-My new favorite screen in the Good Luck app is the Casino tab! Here you can play Black Jack games by wagering a set amount of your token balance. If you win, you earn additional points. If you lose, then the amount of points you wagered is deducted from your account. I am always skeptical of games that I have to use my token balance to participate in, but Good luck quickly caught my attention with their casino tab and here is why:

#1 I have won more games than I have lost in blackjack, so my token balance has not been depleted.

#2 The lowest wager is 100 tokens, and I rarely play for more than 100 tokens at a time.

#3 THERE ARE ADDITIONAL TOKEN REWARDS GIVEN TO YOU WHILE YOU PLAY BLACKJACK!!! This is the reason I do not wager more than 100 tokens, because whether I lose or win, Good luck sends in flying token gifts while you play. These surprise gift boxes can be collected at face value OR you can watch a video to multiply the reward by 10! The reward value is typically 100 Tokens. I usually opt for the multiplier. There have been times these rewards have ran across my screen less than 2 mins apart! On top of the flying surprises they also give you token rewards, while you are in the casino, you can also collect additional free tokens that popup as a reward every so often on your screen. Similar to the surprise tokens, you can choose to watch a video to double the reward, or claim it at face value. Typically the reward is 1500-3000 tokens.

💰Lucky Spin-There is also a lucky spin wheel where you an earn cash or tokens. You can spin the wheel for free by watching videos. 1 Free spin is added every 30 minutes after you spin, with a maximum accrual of 3 free spins. In other words if you are not spinning every 1:30 mins, you will earn less free spins. In addition to the free spins, you can also spin the wheel by paying 4,000 tokens from your token balance.

💰Lucky Code- Everyday at 9:00 AM and 5:30 PST time Good Luck App announces a lucky code on their Facebook page. Enter the code in the app under the Lucky Code tab which is found under the Tokens on the main menu. The rewards for entering the code are as follows:

The first user to redeem the code wins 10,000,000 Tokens!

The 2nd-10th users that redeem the code Win 1,000,000 tokens

The 11th-100th users that redeem the code Win 50,000 tokens

The 101-500th users that redeem the code Win 20,000 tokens

The 500th user and all users after 500 win 1,000 tokens.

The code is good until the next code is available. For example, if hte code is posted at 9AM, then it can be redeemed between 9AM and 5:30PM. Once the new code is posted at 5:30PM, the 9AM code is no longer valid. The 5:30PM code is effective until the next code is posted the following day at 9AM. I set a reminder on my phone to check their page around 1 minute before the schedule time. So far I have not been lucky enough to get be the first user. I usually earn the 50,000 reward. Of course there are times I am too preoccupied at the time the code is posted and end up redeeming the 1,000 tokens.

Here is a sample post of the lucky Code:

💰Special Offers-You can also earn tokens by completing special offers. These are Fyber offers and each one is worth a certain amount of credits. Typically there are usually over 1,000,000 tokens up for grabs under the special offers tab in the Good Luck App. You choose the offers that interest you. Each offer has a set of instructions that tell you what has to be done to receive the credit. Examples:

Download Apps/Games

Complete a survey

Submit your email

Make a purchase.

Each Task/Offer is marked as easy, medium and hard. There is also a badge that tells you if the offer is free. The amount of credits that can be earned vary per offer. I’ve seen Some offers worth 2 million tokens! While the easiest are generally under 100,000.

If for some reason you are not credited tokens for completing the offer, you can submit a ticket. I always submit a ticket for every offer I am not credited for. Be sure you take screen shots of you completing the task. Example if the task is just to download an app, download the app open it and take a screen shot. If the task requires you to complete a certain level, once you completed the level take a screen shot.

To report missing credits click the menu button within the Fyber offer tab.

click status

click the offer that you was not rewarded credits for

click report

fill out the short form and submit

you will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem your credits.

reply to the email with requested proof/info

within a short period of time you will receive the credit. (Unless you did not qualify for the offer, be sure to read the requirements carefully before completing an offer. Some may say “new users Only”)

💰Refer A Friend- For every friend you refer to the Good Luck App you will be rewarded 100,000 tokens! Your friend will earn 20,000 tokens for using your Good Luck Referral Code. To get your free 20,000 tokens use my referral code BEOYK1Q

Once you have downloaded the APP be sure to share your referral code with your friends so you can earn some extra tokens. When the app was first released, I made leadership board by sharing with my friends! I mostly shared my link on Facebook in groups where others that are interested in money making apps. I will post a list of groups soon.

💰Leadership Board- Last but not leastyou can earn a $10 cash prize by being the #1 user on the daily leadership board! In order to earn the #1 spot you have to earn the most tokens for the day.

Above are some screenshots of the Leaderboard. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had the app installed since the beginning, some screen shots are from earlier versions. The last screen shot is most recent and how the app looks today at the time this blog post was written.

Most people think you have to be a Youtube Guro or have a big following to achieve the #1 spot on the leadership board, but I was able to achieve it without a following. I am just an average person looking to make some extra income online. If you do not have a following, you can always work on getting one. Or as I mentioned earlier post in facebook groups to get more eyes on your offers. By joining and engaging in Facebook groups you will also gain more friends/followers and if done right increase your overall social engagement. I am still working on mine. 🙂 I plan on creating some post about social media in the near future. I will share some tips on what has worked for me and what has not. I will add the link within this post once I do. Be sure to check back in on my blog, I will continue to share ways to see more frequent paydays!

Good Luck App Payment Proofs



Good Luck App Still Paying

Payment Proof 8/15/19

Once you’ve download Good Luck App , don’t forget to share your Referral Code Below in the comments. 👇

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