This Free App Keeps Sending Me Money!

This Free App Keeps Sending Me Money!

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I downloaded this app last Friday and it keeps sending me money to my paypal!

Payment Proof 1

Payment Proof 2

I Have Enough Credits For Another $5

The Best Paid To Play Games App EVER!

By far this is my new Favorite make money app! I have to be honest with ya'll I've done alot of get paid to apps and websites, but none have been this easy to cashout on. Literally downloaded this app late last Friday night, spent about an hour completing the tasks inside(searched for other apps in app store, download app, opened app for 3 mins) and earned enough credits to cash out $10 to my paypal. I honestly didnt expect to ever see the $10 in my Paypal account cause it was just TOO easy! I mean sure, maybe $10 is not much for some of you, it is actually a little less than minimum wage here in Massachusetts, but how many apps and websites have you wasted countless hours on and still have not cashed out on? Or you cash out a buck or less?

If you have an iPhone, download this app today, and cashout some free money! Hopefully this app become available on Android soon, because it is just not fair that iPhone users have it so easy.

ScreenShots Of The App

Credit History

History Screen-This is from my first day


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