Aspiration Promotion-Earn Up To $1,000 A Month

Earn $25 From Aspiration Referral Program Up To $1,000 a Month! 😲

$25 Aspiration Bonus

Aspiration offers an amazing referral program, you can earn $25 cash for every friend you refer that opens a spend & save or Save account (up to $1,000 a month)! On top of the $25 cash bonus that is deposited straight into your account, you each will also receive $25 to donate and for a limited time - 5 entries for a chance to win a Tesla - yes we are giving away a Tesla Model 3!

What Is Aspiration Spend & Save?

The Aspiration Spend & Save Account is a cash management account that offers up to 2.00% APY interest, no ATM fees worldwide, and tracks own personal People/Planet impact score.

Aspiration Spend & Save Account Offers

💳You Cash back rewards on every purchase you make
💳Bonus rewards for spending at socially-conscious businesses
💳An AIM personal People/Planet impact score and see how you can shop with a conscience learn more
💳Never pay another ATM fee
💳Up to 2.00% APY interest on the entire balance in your Save account
💳Access to Unlimited, immediate transfers between your Spend account and your Save account
💳The option to choose your own monthly fee
💳Cell phone protection insurance
💳Identity fraud expense reimbursement

How To Claim Your $25 Bonus From Aspiration

✔️1.)Sign up for an Aspiration Spend & Save account via the Aspiration personalized referral link

✔️2.)Make a minimum deposit of $10

✔️Allow up to 8 weeks to receive your $25 cash Bonus and $25 to donate

$25 Aspiration Spend & Save Promotion Terms

  • ✔️Aspiration Spend & Save or Aspiration Save Account must be opened and funded with a minimum of $10 Between 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time (‘PT’) on July 1, 2019 and 11:59 p.m. PT on August 31, 2019
  • ✔️Accounts must be open and in good standing for a minimum of 10 business days.
  • ✔️Allow up to 8 weeks for the cash referral credit to post.
  • ✔️It takes about 3 weeks for your referral credits  to be credited from the date a friend's account is opened.
  • ✔️Your account must be open and in good standing through the date your credit is received to receive the $25 referral cash credit.
  • ✔️Investment funds do not qualify for this promotion.

How To Earn $25 For Friends You Refer To Aspiration

You earn $25 cash bonus & $25 free donation to the charitable cause of your choice for every new customer you refer to Aspiration, up to $1000/Month.

To Earn The Aspiration Referral Bonus

Share your unique link with friends. You can find your Unique link within the App.

From inside the Aspiration app Click the Green Button in the right corner.

The Invitation screen will open

Here you will find the details of the current referral promotion for Aspiration as well as a button to share your referral link.

Click the Share An Invitation Button

Select the option you wish to use to share the link, example copy to clipboard, send in a text message, Facebook, etc.

Once your friend  open and fund their new account and meet the terms explained above, in about 3 weeks you will receive the referral bonus.

Aspiration Impact Measurement Scores

The Aspiration App has a feature that gives you an AIM score on your purchases. AIM (Aspiration Impact Measurement), lets you see the impact you’re making on People and the Planet based on where you’re shopping and spending every day. I really feel this  is a great feature! We don't usually think about where we spend our dollars, and whether or not we are supporting businesses that have a negative impact on people or the planet. I love that Aspiration has made it easy for me to see if  I am spending my money with businesses that make a positive impact. It has made me more conscious of where I will continue to spend my money , and where I may not be spending in the future.

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