Long Game Referral Promotion August 2019: $5 Sign Up Bonus and $5 Per Referral

Long Game Referral Promotion August 2019: $5 Sign Up Bonus and $5 Per Referral

Long Game Referral Promotion August 2019: $5 Sign Up Bonus and $5 Per Referral

What Is the Long Game App

Long Game is an app that uses games to encourage its users to build up savings over time. The games make it fun, and offer users  chances to win cash prizes to help boost your savings.

Long Game works just like a bank. Any money you transfer to Long Game to play games always belongs to you, you earn .01% interest and your money is FDIC insured.

When you deposit money into the Long Game Savings account you earn Coins for growing your balance. You keep the money you deposited into Long Game, and use the coins you earned to play games. When you play these games you are given chances to win prizes (the top prize is $1,000,000). The more money you save with Long Game, the more Coins you will earn and the more you chances you have play.

There are no fees for using the Long Game App, and the app is available on both IOS and Android.

Downloading the Long Game App and registering for an account creates a savings account.

You can link your Bank account to the app and set up manual or auto save transfers to your Long Game Account.

The app allows you to create multiple savings goals.

As you achieve your financial goals you level up in Long Game, each level unlocks new games, rewards and earns you free Crypto Currency.

Like other Micro Save Apps, you are free to withdraw your money from Long Game any time!

How To Get The $5 Long Game Sign Up Bonus

  1. Visit the Long Game Referral Link you will be directed to the sign up page
  2. Enter your Mobile Number and click download & Claim Button or you may be redirected directly to the download page.
  3. Click the link that applies to your phone's operating system (Android or IOS) to download the Long Game App
  4. Create your long game account you can sign up using a phone number and email or Facebook login.
  5. During Registration you will be required to link a Bank Account in order to qualify for the bonus
  6. You will also have to complete your first deposit in order to receive the $5 Bonus.
  7. Once your first deposit is completed, and you receive your Bonus, it will be available for withdrawal after 30 days.

How To Earn $5 Per Referral From Long Game

Once you have created your Long Game account, you can refer others and receive a $5 Bonus for the first 100 successful referral you refer.

To get the bonus you must share your Unique Referral Link. The link can be found with in the app.

On the homage, it is usually the first card you see when you open the App.

Alternatively, you can navigate to your referral link page by clicking your avatar that is located in the upper right corner of the app.

This will open the menu section in the right side of the app.

Click "Share & Redeem Codes"

You will find buttons to share your code via Facebook, Text Message or Email. Alternatively, if you click the button with 3 dots(...) as share menu will open and provide more options for you to share your link.

Once your friend completes the steps outlined above in   you will receive your Bonus. The Bonus will be available to cashout in 30 days.


Long Game Referral Terms

The offer is only valid for new, first time users

To qualify for the bonus, you or your referral must successfully create a new Long Game account, link a bank account and complete your first deposit.

There is 100 referral bonuses/incentives per user.

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