Earn $10 Per Referral With Enjeo

Earn $10 Per Referral With Enjeo

What is the Enjeo Affiliate Program?

The Enjeo Affiliate program is a great way to earn extra, passive income. As an Enjeo affiliate you earn commission bonuses(one time payments) as well as recurring commissions by referring affiliates and customers. It is free to join, and there is no earning caps.

How To Become An Enjeo Affiliate

To become an Enjeo Affiliate, use the Enjeo $10 Bonus Link

1.Fill out the signup form. You will be asked for bank account information, this is so Enjeo can pay you commissions. Use your chime or aspiration account.

2.Review the terms and conditions, and if you agree press the start earning button.

Once you sign up to become an Enjeo affiliate, in order to unlock your account, you will have to make a call to your affiliate manager. The call takes about 10 mins., they explain the affiliate program as well as walk you through the process to collect your first commission.

Once your account has been unlocked, you can start referring customers or affiliate to Enjeo.

How much Does Enjeo Pay For Referrals?

There are 2 ways to earn commissions as an Enjeo Affiliate.

1.Earn Commissions By Referring Affiliates To Enjeo

For a limited time, Enjeo is offering a one time $10 bonus for each affiliate you refer, who enrolls at least 1 customer. In addition to the 1 time $10 bonus, you also receive 5% of your referrals earnings. 

2.Earn Commissions By Referring Customers To Enjeo Product Offers

Aside from referring affiliates, you also earn commissions when you refer customers to their products, which are mini plans. Each plan has a set commission. The most popular product is the roadside assistance plan. It cost $1/week, and you earn $1.25 each week your customer renews their plan.

How Often Does Enjeo Pay Commisions?

Enjeo issues commissions within 24-48 hours after they are earned with no minimum!

You can review how much commissions you have earned in the Enjeo Affiliate Dashboard. 

You can also run reports, which indicate the status for each payment.

Commissions marked as "Processing" means  your commission earnings have been applied to your Enjeo account and will be processed within the next 24-48 business hours.

Commissions marked as "Sent" means your commissions have been sent you your bank account. You should note depending on your bank, and bank holidays, it may take up to 5 (five) business days to show in your account. Most people Ive talked to have received their commissions in their account within 24 hours.

I signed up for Enjeo, and made my first commission on Thursday October 10, 2019. The payment was processed on Friday, then Monday was a holiday, so my first payment hit my account on Tuesday. Considering alot of affiliate programs make you wait, weeks and some months before you are paid commissions, I must admit I was impressed with how fast Enjeo paid commissions. Enjeo is Frequent Paydays Approved! If you work the affiliate program, you could easily turn every day into a payday with Enjeo! Below are some screenshots of my own proof.

Feel free to message me on FB if you have questions. There is also a team training group & chat.



Enjeo Payment Proofs

Here are some payment proofs from the FB group

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