Buzzerang New Smart Contract On Tron Network


Jul 13, 2021
Buzzerang is a new smart contract that is built on the Tron Blockchain. What makes Buzzerang unique is it is the first smart contract that allows you to create a residual income!  What’s also great about Buzzerang is the tools and training that you can unlock and use to grow your business.

How Does Buzzerang Work?

Getting started with Buzzerang is very easy. They offer 4 different plans: B1, B2, B3 and B4.
Each plan has 5 slots available. The amount it costs to enter each slot is identical on all 4 plans, and each slot increases compared to the previous slot.

Slot 1 Costs $4.99

Slot 2 Costs $9.99

Slot 3 Costs $39.99

Slot 4 Costs 79.99

Slot 5 Costs $299.99

When you first join Buzzerang, you will be automatically invested into the first slot on all 4 plans. Your initial investment will be $25, depending on the market value of the TRX token at the time that you join, the exact price may vary.
Similar to Forsage or LionShare, all commissions are deposited in real time directly to your TronLink wallet. 
This process is 100% decentralized and is programmed into the smart contract. 
100% of the earnings are sent to Buzzerang users. There are no Admin fees.

How Do The Buzzerang Plans Work?

Buzzerang B1 Plan

The B1 plan is a powerline or infinite line. It works with every contributor that purchases these slots regardless of who invited them. When you register, or purchase a B1 position, the exact time is saved by Buzzerang, then, anyone who joins even 1 second after you will be placed after you in the line.

You earn 100% of the investment from the next person placed in the line, and 50% from the 2nd person placed in the line after you. The other 50% is put into the Bpool, we will talk about the Bpool later in this post.

Once you received 150% from the B1 slot you can participate again, however you will need to manually activate a new position in the power line. You can make a 50% profit from the B1 slots as many times as you like without ever inviting a single person. This is the only plan that does not automatically open a new position on it’s own.

What is the Buzzerang BPool?

As I mentioned previously, 50% of the 2nd person that joins the powerline after you is added and stored into the Bpool. This pool is used to reward the top 10 contributing users. At the end of each month the pool will be distributed among the top 10 users who brought the most people to Buzzerang. Below are the top Contributors as of July 12, 2021. Will you be the next to make the list?

Buzzerang B2 Plans

The B2 Plan is a single level matrix with 3 positions.

These positions fill left to right with member’s you have personally enrolled into Buzzerang.

The first 2 positions pay 100% commissions to you.

The 3rd position pays 100% to your sponsor/upline and opens up a new matrix. This is called a cycle. You can recycle an infinite amount of times, as long as new members are joining your team.

Buzzerang B3 Plans

The B3 Plan is where the team work takes place. It is a 2X2 matrix, that is 2 levels deep. This matrix requires 6 members in order to fill all positions. These positions can be filled by either your direct referrals or your teams referrals.

As with the other matrices, the positions fill top to bottom, left to right.

The payments collected from the first 2 positions, in the 1st level of the matrix are paid directly to your sponsor/upline.

Or if the positions are filled in your referral’s matrix, these 2 payments will be made directly to your wallet.

When members take the next 3 positions on your second level, the commissions are paid directly to you.

When the last position in the matrix is filled, the payment will be made to your sponsor/upline. 

Similar to the B2 plan, this last position will open a new matrix and start a new cycle. Allowing you to generate continuous income with a one time investment.

Buzzerang B4 Plan

The B4 Plan is a 3X10 Matrix. 

This matrix is 3 levels wide and 10 levels deep. 

These positions fill up from top to bottom, and from left to right.

For each personally enrolled member that is placed in your B4 Plan Matrix, you will receive 20% commissions Plus additional commissions depending on the level they are placed on in your B4 Matrix.

These commissions are as follows:

Level 1 = 10% per Partner

Level 2 = 20% per Partner

Levels 3-7= 4% per Partner

Level 8 = 5% per Partner

Level 9 = 10% per Partner

Level 10 = 15% Per Partner

The B4 plan is unique to all other smart contracts, and Buzzerang Plans.

The B4 plan is the first decentralized matrix that offers a monthly residual income.

On top of the monthly residual income that can be made from the B4 plan, each slot in the plan will unlock exclusive marketing training and tools that you can use to grow your Buzzerang Business, or any Business online.

The only requirement to earn from the B4 plans is to keep your subscription active at all times.

Below is a chart of the potential residual income you can earn from slot 1 in the B4 Plan.

What Tools Are Included In the B4 Plans?

Slot 1 Membership Fee $4.99

B4 Slot 1-Potential Residual Earnings $29,464.95 USD

B4 Slot 2 Membership Fee $9.99

B4 Slot 2 -Potential Residual Earnings $58,988.95 USD

B4 Slot 3 Membership Fee $39.99

B4 Slot 3 -Potential Residual Earnings $236,132.95 US

B4 Slot 4 Membership Fee $79.99

B4 Slot 4-Potential Residual Earnings $472,324.95 US

B4 Slot 5 Membership Fee $299.99

B4 Slot 5-Potential Residual Earnings $1,771,380.95 US

How To Join Buzzerang

  1. Download and Install Tronlink Wallet
  2. Fund you wallet with enough Tron to get started. The initial investment to join Buzzerang is $25 USD, plus gas fees.
  3. Open the Buzzerang Referral link in your tronlink browser on Mobile or Chrome on desktop.  referral link :
  4.  Verify the Sponser UserName Box is Msrocker, if you were referred by another user, confirm their Sponsor’s name is entered in the Sponser’s username box. You can edit the name by clicking the pencil icon. 
  5. Click “Automatic Registration” Button
  6. Confirm the transaction in your Wallet.
  7. Once the transaction has been confirmed on the Tron Network, you will be granted access to your dashboard.
When you first register for Buzzerang the contract automatically enrolls you in the first slot for each plan. If you want to participate in the monthly subscription, you will need to activate your monthly subscription.