Earn Unlimited Tron Payments With Tron Wolf

Earn Unlimited Tron Payments With Tron Wolf

Earn Unlimited Tron Payments With Tron Wolf

How Does Tron Wolf Work?

Tron Wolf  is a Newer Smart Contract Matrix. You can get started with Tron Wolf for a little as 400 TRX. Which is about $12 at the time this blog was written.

When you first join Tron Wolf, your 400 TRX opens positions on both platforms the AWP and PWP workplace. 200 TRX is deposited into the first position on each workplace.

Each Program has 35 slots for a total of  70 ways to earn from the Tron Wolf platform.

Tron Wolf Active Workplace(AWP)

The AWP Matrices is where all of your personal referrals are placed. All partners in your slots of the AWP workplace are your personally referred members. When you invite members, they take a place under you in these matrices. The first 2 personally referred member’s payments are made directly to you. The 3rd personally referred member makes a payment to your sponsor, this payment is always a reinvestment payment. Since the 3rd payment always pays your sponsor and re-opens a position in the slot, it allows you to earn unlimited times with only a one time investment on each slot.

In order to earn on the AWP Workplace you must be invested in the positions that is producing the commissions. If you don’t own a position, and one of your personally referred members purchase a position on a level you have not purchased, the commission will be passed up to your upline, or whoever the next person in line who owns the slot.

Because of this, while it is not necessary to upgrade, I would highly recommend that you do. This is a big incentive to own as many positions as possible. This way you will secure all the commissions that are coming in from your down line.

Tron Wolf Passive Workplace(PWP)

The Tron Wolf PWP Workplace is where the passive income is produced from teamwork happens. In the PWP workplace each entry into the slot are split 30%/70% . When a member is placed in Positions 1 and 2 in your matrix 70% is paid to your sponsor, and 30% is split between 15 levels above your sponsor. When a member is placed in positions 3,4&5 70% is paid to you, and 30% is split between 15 levels above you, not including your sponsor.

Just a reminder, the PWP works the same as AWP when it comes to earning from each slot or level. If you have not purchased a slot then you cannot earn any commissions from that level. The payments are passed up to your upline, or the next person who owns the slot that is being purchased.

While it is completely up to you how many slots you want to purchase, you should understand that the programs work just like a cycler, except it is 100% automated, and only requires 1 investment. the system will continue reinvesting you into the positions.

How Do You Get Paid From Tron Wolf ?

As I have said earlier, all commissions payments are made directly to each member. When you register with Tron Wolf, you will connect your Tron Wallet to the platform. When a  personally referred member or your personally referred members’ referrals makes a payment for a slot, this payment will be sent directly to your Tron wallet. You never have to wait to be paid  these commission, and the website does not handle the payments in any way. Tron Wolf is a completely decentralized Peer-to-Peer payment platform. This is why  the platform is frequentpaydays approved! ✅ VERY Low start up cost AND daily pay= More Frequent Paydays!!!

What Are the Requirements To Get Started?

In order to get started with Tron Wolf, you will need a Tron Wallet with a DAAP Browser.

Once you have downloaded a wallet, you will need to deposit Tron(TRX) into your Wallet. If you do not have any TRX, you will need to purchase it or exchange other coins for TRX. I would suggest you deposit a minimum of 420 trx into your wallet. You should consider the fact there are different fees associated with transferring TRX from one wallet or platform into another. These fees may include a withdrawal fee depending on where you purchased the TRX, A buying fee and will always include a transaction fee. The transaction Fee is charged with each transfer to and from your wallets. This means when you deposit TRX to your Tron Wallet, and when you purchase a slot on the Tron Wolf Platform, you will be charged for the transaction fee. This is important because if you do not purchase and transfer enough TRX to cover these transaction fees, you will end up spending more than is necessary to get started, and end up having to make more than one transaction; paying more than one transaction fee. Not having enough deposited in your wallet can also delay you from joining the platform if it takes a few days for the TRX to become available on the platform you purchased it from. Meanwhile, other members will take spots in the matrix that you could have been in front of.

How To Register with Tron Wolf

Once you have the minimum amount of TRX in your Tron Wallet (420 recommended). Click the Tron Wolf Referral Link to register and secure your first 2 slots(Slots 1 in AWP and PWP).

Tron Wolf Referral Link(Team Rotator)-> frequentpaydays.com/tronwolf

“register” Button

Click “automatic registration” button. This will direct you to the registration page where you will link your wallet, and allow the transaction of 400 TRX to be transferred into your uplines wallet. Once the transaction has been confirmed, you will be redirected to your back office where you will find your matrices and referral links.

Feel free to upgrade to as many slots as you wish, then start sharing your referral link and watching the TRX balance grow in your wallet.

For complete step by step instructions with images go to http://frequentpaydays.com/how-to-join-tron-wolf/

Tron Wolf Payment Proofs

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