How To Buy BNB Or BUSD In Trust Wallet To Register For Forsage BUSD


Jun 27, 2021

Purchasing BNB and/or BUSD inside trust wallet is probably one of the simplest ways to get started on the BSC network. Since US residence cannot use, if you are not using a wallet that allows you to buy BNB Smart Chain, then you will have to do some extra steps in order to swap your BNB bep2 tokens for BNB Smart Chain tokens. Purchasing the tokens within your wallet, eliminates the extra steps.

The Fees to purchase crypto within your Trust Wallet range from Simplex’s fees range up to 12% of the transaction value. While this option is simplest and fastest way to buy BNB tokens with a debit card, it may not be the most cost effective.Also, the minimum purchase amount from a credit card is $50 and the maximum is $20,000. Although $50 is the minimum purchase amount, there have been times I’ve had to increase my purchase amount because I received an error message that says “not available”. If you receive this message, and do not have enough funds to increase your buy amount, you will have to attempt the transaction at a later time.

As a reminder, you will need BNB Smart Chain to cover network fees and BUSD tokens to join Forsage BUSD. Instead of making 2 purchases with a credit card, I would recommend you buy enough BNB to cover your BUSD registration fee and the transaction fees. Once you have the BNB token in your wallet, you can swap BNB for BUSD on BiSwap. The fee to trade on BiSwap is only 0.1%, also for a limited time BiSwap is reimbursing fees in BSW token.

  1. Open Your Trust Wallet App
  2. Click on BNB Smart Chain
    • If the token is not displayed in your wallet button in the right corner of the screen next to “collectables” see screen shot below.

1.Search for BNB by typing BNB in the search box.

2.Once you locate the token on the search screen, slide the button in the right corner to add it to your wallet. Color will change from grey to blue.

3. Click the Smart Chain name to open the details in your wallet.

Once you are on the Smart Chain (BNB) screen:

Click on “Buy” located at the top of the screen on the right side.

Enter/Edit the amount you wish to purchase.

Once you have entered the amount, click the “Next” Button.

You will be directed to a checkout page. Fill out the form, and follow the prompts you receive from the website.

Once you complete all the steps, your funds will be deposited to your wallet, usually within 10-20 mins. There has been times the receipt was delayed by an hour or more.