How To Buy BNB Or BUSD on for Smartphone


Jun 27, 2021


To begin registration download Binance app:

Once you launch the app, you will usually begin on the Registration Page.

If you are not directed to the registration page, here are the instructions to get to there:

Click the Login/Register button. Note the appearance of the app will depend on if you are viewing the APP in Lite version or Pro Version. You can toggle between Lite and Pro under settings.

If you are on the Binance Pro Version, click Login/Register

If you are on the Binance Lite Version, Click Sign Up/ Log In

See screen shots below:

Binance HomePage Pro

Binance HomePage Lite


  • Choose which type of registration it will be – by phone number or email
  • Enter your Phone number/email address in corresponding field
  • Create a password thats hard to guess.
  • Optional, you can enter an ID of your inviter if someone has referred you to the Binance Exchange and participate in his referral program
  • Confirm agreement with Terms of Use by clicking check-box
  • Click register to proceed.

Next you will have to solve the puzzle to confirm you are human.

Once you have completed the jigsaw, they’ll send a confirmation email to the address you’ve specified. Please check your inbox to confirm your registration within 10 minutes.

Once you confirm your email, your Account is created.

To access your account click Log In, enter your sign-in details, and complete Security Verification puzzle to proceed.

2. Fund a Wallet With Crypto Or Fiat Currency on exchange 

From the main app page go to Wallets => Deposit


How To Make A Deposit with Crypto On

  • In Deposit tab click on Crypto icon:

  • Type the coin you wish to deposit into the Search bar TRX, ETH, USDT, etc.

In this example we will use Tron TRX

  • Click the token name to proceed:

  • Choose preferred token standard, for TRX if you have never bridged or swapped your TRX token on a different network such as BSC, BNB or ETH networks, then you own the original version of TRX which is TRC20;
  • Once you have selected the correct version:
  • Click the copy icon next to the address or click the “Share Address” Button so that you can  send TRX from your wallet.

Go to your wallet and submit a transaction to send TRX to the wallet address you have copied on your clipboard.

Once the transaction is complete, TRX will appear on your Wallet balance within the Binance App.

Next, you can convert TRX to BNB or BUSD

Return to Binance app main page, click on Trades -> Convert icons:

  • Choose which asset to convert, in the example case TRX;
  • Choose which asset to receive BNB or BUSD;
  • Enter the amounts 
  • Click “Preview Conversion” button:

Review your transaction settings and confirm the trade.

How To Make A Deposit with Fiat On

!!! Before you can purchase any tokens with a bank card, you need to verify your account on exchange !!! is not available for US Citizens. If you live in the US and want to purchase BNB from the Binance Exchange you will have to use Binance.US

How to Verify Your Identity On

From your Account page click on Verify icon and follow the Identity Verification instructions:

Once your identity has been verified, you will be able to deposit Fiat.

  • In Wallets – Deposit tab click on Fiat icon:
  • Select the currency you want to deposit In the example below we are depositing EUR:

  • On next page choose the Deposit with method:

Next page – enter the amount, check the payment source and click Continue:

  • Next window will require to fill in your card information, after that click Pay now:

After your deposit has been successfully completed , the fiat currency balance will appear in your wallet balance.

The following instructions are the same for both BNB and BUSD, for this example we will purchase BNB:

1 – open Market tab

2 – select Spot market

3 – search for BNB

You will get the list of BNB related pairs, choose needed and click on the fiat pair that matches the fiat you have deposited to your wallet in this example it is BNB/EUR:

In opened Market terminal click on Buy icon:

In next window:

1 – Choose Buy

2 – Select Market order

3 – Input amount of BNB you want to purchase

4 – Click on Buy BNB and confirm the deal

You will see the BNB on  in your Binance Wallet Balance.

You can choose repeat the same steps as illustrated above for BUSD, or you may choose to withdraw your BNB and swap it for BUSD on BiSwap

Now you are ready to send BUSD and BNB to your wallet application for BUSD FORSAGE.

3. How To Withdraw BNB and BUSD From To Register for BUSD FORSAGE

Select Wallets (1) tab click on Withdraw (2):

Select Crypto and choose BNB or BUSD in your list:

1 – Enter the BSC address of your wallet that you will be using to interact with BUSD FORSAGE (Token Pocket, Trust Wallet, Metamask etc.)

2 – Choose Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP20 network

3 – Enter the amount you want to withdraw

Click Withdraw:

Next, confirm the withdrawal of the cryptocurrency following the instructions on the site and wait for the tokens to be credited into your wallet address.

You can always check the status of the transaction in the block explorer

BUSD BEP20 contract link:

Note! In order to make any transactions with the BUSD stable coin on the Binance Smart Chain Network, you must have a BNB Smart Chain Token balance in your wallet.  If there is no BNB Smart Chain Tokens in your wallet, then the Binance Smart Chain network will not allow you to complete any of your transactions with the BUSD stable coin.