What Is Lion's Share?

Lion’s Share is a 100% Transparent and Decentralized Opportunity. Similar to Forsage, Lion’s Share uses the Ethereum smart contract technology, and is placed directly on the blockchain. The platform is considered a self-Executing Smart Contract that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

  • Lion’s Share can never be hacked, or changed.
  • Lion’s Share is 100% risk free to all members.
  • All commissions are paid in Ethereum directly to members.

How Does Lion's Share Work?

Lion’s Share is an Ethereum Smart Contract Matrix. It works similar to a cycler.

There are 32 different ways you can earn Ethereum. And there are 2 platforms for you to join. The platforms are called L1 and L2.

Each platform has 16 ways for you to earn from in total 32. When you get started with Lion Share, you are activated/invested in both L1 and L2. To get started there is a small investment of .04 ETH required, which at the time of this writing is under $10 USD. This makes it affordable for anyone, from anywhere in the world to join. 

Lion’s Share L1 Packages

The L1 platform is where all of your personal referrals are placed. 

100% of the first two referral’s payments will go directly to you. 

The 3rd payment will go to your upline, which will reopen your matrix!

Since the 3rd payment is like a reinvestment, you only need to make a payment 1 time to each package in order to position yourself to earn from the Matrix. Each time you cycle (or receive 3 payments) you are repositioned at the top of the matrix to continue earning.

Everyone that you personally sponsor will follow you after
they cycle and will create even more income on your L1 platform.

In order to earn on the L1 platform must be invested in the package that is producing the commissions. If you don’t own a package, and someone from your down line purchases a package from a level you are not on,  the commission will be passed up to your up-line, or the next person in line who owns the package.

While it is not necessary to upgrade packages/levels, I would highly recommend that you do, because there is a huge incentive for those who choose to upgrade. You can upgrade or purchase new packages with your earnings from the system. This will place you in the best position, because it allows you to earn, not only from your referrals, but it opens the doors for you to collect some pass ups as well.

Lion’s Share L2 Packages

The L2 Platform is where the teamwork begins to takes place. Since it is a
dynamic follow me matrix, it allows you the opportunity to truly work as a team.

In the L2 platform,  the first 2 sales in your matrix are paid to your up-line. Then, 100% of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th sales are paid directly and instantly to you via your Ethereum Wallet. 

Like the L1 Platform, the 6th payment is made to your upline, which reopens your matrix, so that you will continue earning with only the 1 time investment for each package.

The L2 Platform works the same as L1 when it comes to earning from each package. If you have not purchase/invested/own a package then you cannot earn from it. The sale will be passed up to your upline, or the next person who owns the package that is being purchased.

For this reason, it is best to come in and buy as many packages as possible. OR upgrade as you make commissions from the packages that you own. I know for many of you who have done cyclers before, you understand how this works and may already have a strategy to maximize your earnings.

You should also keep in mind, there is a similar matrix called Forsage which has done really well, and has been consistently paying people ETH daily! These deposits are being sent to the same wallets that the Lion’s Share contract works on. Since others have had great success in this type of program, it is likely they will come into Lion Share and purchase multiple package upon entry in order to position themselves in the best scenario. If you come in at the minimum and never upgrade, you will be leaving money on the table.

How Do You Get Paid With Lion’s Share?

As I mentioned before,  all commissions are paid directly to members. When you register for Lion’s Share you will connect your Meta Mask or Trust Wallet to the platform. When a member makes a payment for a package, this payment will be sent directly to your Etherum wallet. You will never have to wait to be paid a commission, and the company does not handle the commissions in any way. It is completely a Peer-to-Peer payyment system.

What Are the Requirements To Get Started?

In order to get started with Lion’s Share, you will need a Meta Mask, Trust Wallet or Coinbase Dapp Wallet.

💻Meta Mask is a chrome extension you can install. This option is best for users that would like to register via a laptop. Download Meta Mask.

📱Trust Wallet is a mobile app that can be installed on any Android or IOS device. use trust wallet if you would like to join the platform via your cell phone or tablet. Download Trust Wallet. –NOTE: AT TIME OF RELEASE, TRUST WALLET IS NOT WORKING CORRECTLY, I’D SUGGEST YOU USE META MASK OR WAIT UNTIL THE PROJECT IS STABLE.

Coinbase Dapp Wallet-Android

Once you have downloaded a wallet, you will need to deposit ETH into your Wallet.

If you do not have any ETH, you will need to purchase it or exchange other coins for ETH. I suggest having a minimum of .06-.07 eth deposited in your wallet. Keep in mind, there are fees involved with transferring ETH from one wallet or platform into your Meta Mask or Trust Wallet. These fees may include a withdrawal fee depending on where you purchased the ETH, and will definitely have a transaction/gas fee.

The Gas Fee will be charged with each transfer to and from your wallets. In other words when you deposit ETH to your wallet, and when you purchase a package on the Lion’s Share Platform. If you do not purchase and transfer enough ETH to cover the transaction fees, you will wind up spending more than is necessary because you will have to do more than 1 transaction to fund your wallet. It may also delay you from joining the platform if it takes a few days for the ETH to show up in the platform you purchased it from. You can edit the gas fee so that you can transfer at a lower rate. The rate will also determine how quickly the transaction will complete. Here is a list of websites/Apps you can purchase ETH from

Once you have enough ETH in your wallet to cover the transaction of sending .04 ETH, click the Lion’s Share Referral Link to create your Lion’s Share account.


The platform launches Monday 7/13/20, I will add the link and additional instructions to get started once the platform has launched.

Make sure you have ETH ready to go, and leave me a comment if you want me to message you once the platform is live.


Already joined Lion’s Share? Feel free to leave a comment and let others know how you feel about this platform. or leave your referral link below.