Heart & Body Naturals Compensation Plan


Apr 13, 2019

Heart & Body Naturals or HB Naturals for short is a great free opportunity to earn money from home!

With HB Naturals There Are 7 Ways To Earn

1. Retail Commission- Paid Instantly!

You earn 50% of the Commissionable Volume (CV) on retail orders placed on your free ShopHBN.com site. You can earn this 50% Retail Bonus without ever making a personal purchase. What is also great about retail commission is it counts as Persona Volume (PV), we will talk about PV a little later and why you want to maintain 25PV or more.

In order to earn Retail Bonuses simply share your free retail website. As I mentioned there are no requirements at all to earn Retail Bonuses, and best of all, the bonuses are paid in real-time, that same day! 

2. Fast Start Bonus -Paid instantly

Earn 20% Fast Start Bonus on all wholesale orders placed by your personally enrolled members during their first 90 days plus qualify to earn on the sales of 2nd and 3rd Generation members! Fast Start Bonuses are also paid instantly in real time, same day!

Everyone qualifies for Fast Start Bonuses, again there is no personal purchases required to earn. Share your wholesale customer link and start earning today!

Promote to executive and earn to earn an additional 3% from your second generation and earn 2% when you make it to Bronze! 

Want to Earn More from the Fast Start Bonuses?

When You Purchase a Value Pack & Maintain a 100 PV Monthly Auto-Deliver You earn an additional 10% Fast Start Bonus (total of 30%) on all orders placed by your personally enrolled during their first 90 days and receive 10 FREE Gift Cards every month to use in building your business!

HBN's Comp plan is AMAZING, and we still haven't talked about the 5 other ways you will earn with HBN! 

Do I have your attention yet? Before we move on to the next daily Bonus, here are a few terms you should know:

Bronze Consultant: Someone who is active and has two personally enrolled Executive Consultants, one in each leg.
Executive Consultant: Someone who is active and has two personally enrolled active members, with one placed on the left leg and one placed on the right leg.
Generation: When someone is tied to you through personal enrollment.

3. Star Bonus Spring Promotion paid daily

The 3rd way we get paid with HB Naturals is the STAR Bonus, yet another daily pay bonus!

To earn the star bonus you place 1 order of  100 PV and

  • When 2 1st generation wholesale customers place an order of 100PV you earn a $50 Bonus. 
  • When 4 2nd generation wholesale customers place an order of 100PV you earn a $75 Bonus. You must first qualify for the $50 Bonus to earn your 2nd generation Bonus.
  • When 8 3rd generation wholesale customers place an order of 100PV you earn a $100 Bonus! You must first qualify for the $75 Bonus to be eligible for the $100 Bonus.

The Star Bonus allows the HBN Consultant to not only break-even but to get in profit fairly quickly, and gives you the ability to earn unlimited monthly bonuses with a team of only 14 members!

4.Matrix Bonus- Paid Weekly

With Matrix Commissions you earn $0.25 or $1.00 on qualified 50 CV orders placed by customers under you in your Matrix, no matter who enrolled them

In order to qualify to earn on sales in your Matrix you must personally use a minimum of 25 to 50 Commissionable Volume (CV) points in Heart & Body Naturals products every 30 days. HBN's exclusive Matrix within a Binary Plan allows you to earn on orders in your “power leg” without people on your pay leg and you earn the matrix bonus with zero balancing!

What is Dynamic Compression?

When a member is not eligible to earn a bonus or commission it will compress up and pay to the next qualified member.

What is a Power Leg?

The Binary leg with the greatest amount of volume, typically filled with members who may not be directly sponsored or enrolled by their immediate enroller.

5. Binary Bonus -paid daily

The Binary Bonus is yet another daily pay commission! To earn Binary Bonuses you must be Active Executive Consultant or above. You can obtain this rank by building your left and right legs. Each time there is 200 CV in
one leg and 200 CV in the other you earn:

  • 4% with a minimum of 25 PSV
  • Earn 8% with a minimum of 50 PSV
  • Earn 12% with a minimum of 100 PSV

Not only do you earn the Matrix bonus on your binary team, but you are also paid up to 12% on your pay leg, and it is paid to you instantly, as soon as you have 200 CV in one leg and 200 CV on the other with absolutely NO FLUSHING!

Here's the kicker! If you’re not yet an Executive Consultant, that’s okay because as long as you have 25 PSV every 30 days, unpaid sales volume in both of your teams will automatically accumulate and be stored, and will be there waiting for you to qualify and then earn!

If you haven't figured it out yet, HBN really does make it easy for us to earn commissions. If you have ever been a part of a network marketing company, you may have given up because it just seemed impossible to accumulate the required volume to earn a commission. There are so many benefits to joining HBN and remaining active! You do not have to be a rockstar recruiter to benefit from HB Naturals compensation plan. 

6. Binary Match Commissions -paid daily

The Binary Match Commissions is another bonus that HBN pays daily! Can you believe the amount of daily Bonuses you an make in ONE DAY? If you haven't caught on by now, each of these daily pay bonuses will be paid to you each time you meet the requirements to earn them. When you are an active member in the HBNaturals, and are meeting the qualifications for these bonuses, they will appear in your back office in REAL TIME. As you move up through the ranks and grow your team, expect MULTIPLE payments to become available for you to cashout. Got a bill that is due today?? Share the products, earn commissions and pay your bill. No waiting till Friday, or the first of the month!

To qualify for the Binary Match Commissions develop leadership within your Enrollment Tree. When you are an Active Bronze(or above) Consultant and you help your team build, their success is your success!

As a Bronze Consultants or above, you can qualify to earn a check match of the Binary Commissions
on Executive Consultants in their enrollment tree, you will earn up to 7 Generations deep, with no limit to the number of checks you can match!

7. Rank Advancement Bonus -paid in 10 monthly increments

Last, but certainly NOT least, you can earn monthly Rank Advancement Bonuses with HBN! Grow your team through the ranks and earn up to $190,000!

As your business grows and you reach the rank of Pearl(or above), you qualify for the guaranteed-income Rank Advancement Bonus. As long as you maintain your rank, these bonuses will be paid to you  split into 10 monthly payments.

HBN Rank Requirements

Below is the Rank Requirements Chart and what it takes to reach each Rank.

Qualifying For Commissions and Bonuses

As I may have mentioned HB Natural is a free opportunity! You can qualify for certain commissions without making a personal purchase. 

  • There are No Website Fees
  • There are No Auto ship requirements
  • There are No Membership Fees

However, I do want to point out, as in any other Network/Multi-Level marketing company we do not get paid to recruit! We earn commissions on the products that are sold! You must meet a minimum sales criteria of 25 Personal Sales Volume (PSV)  in order to meet Personal Sales Volume (PSV) requirements for commissions and bonuses. What this means is in order to qualify for certain commissions you will need to either place a personal wholesale order of 25 CV points OR accumulate retail customer's sales volume equal to 25 CV points.

Additionally, some commissions and bonuses do require Personal Volume (PV) in order to earn. This means in order to qualify for these bonuses,  you must place a personal wholesale order that meets the requirements. I understand some of you may not to read on any further because what peaked your interest with HBN in the first place is that it is a free opportunity, and now you are reading that there are Personal Volume requirements in order to qualify for some of the bonuses. I put emphasis on some, because this is a FREE OPPORTUNITY. Maybe you do not have enough money to place a personal order, however, there are bonuses available to members who have not placed a personal order. This means, you will still earn money prior to placing your first order. Once you have started to accumulate commissions and bonuses, you can use the money you earned from the business and place your personal order.

You earnings are automatically deposited to your e-wallet.

You can withdraw them to your PayQuicker account at any time. When your first withdrawal request is made, your PayQuicker account will be created and you will receive an email with set-up instructions. Once you have
verified the account, a PayQuicker debit card will be ordered and paid for by Heart & Body Naturals’ parent company, Green Organics, LLC. You will receive your card within 14 to 28 business days. While you are waiting for your card to arrive, you can connect your PayQuicker account to a US bank account and
transfer your earnings to that bank.

In conclusion, HB Naturals is Frequent Paydays Approved! Why? Because it is FREE to join and it pays DAILY!

Are you ready to start seeing frequent paydays with Heart and Body Naturals?? Join me and Team Elite!


Note: Any Member who activates their account upon signing up by placing their first 25CV order will be added to a rotating link. When you click the JOIN NOW button you will be redirected to the HBNatural’s sign up page. If the Sponsor listed here is not Casandra Rocker, it just means you are being placed under an active PEM on my team. 

Once you have signed up, regardless of which link you are directed to feel free to add me on FB- https://www.facebook.com/casandra.rocker and message me so I can add you to our training group and get you started on increasing your paydays!