RushCard $30 Cash Bonus

Referrals and Referrees Both Get A $30 Bonus From RushCard

RushCard Prepaid Visa Card gives you a $30 bonus when you apply, set a pin and add a minimum of $50 to your Rushcard account. You can add funds to your Rushcard via ACH credit, cash load, or Ingo check deposit.

Follow this Rushcard Bonus Link to apply for your Rushcard today. We both will get $30 when you open you new account, set your pin and deposit at least $50. No credit check required.

Taking advantage of the Rushcard $30 Bonus is one of the easiest way to make a cash bonus over $20. If you wish to withdraw your cash bonus you can do so with no fees at any ATM within the MoneyPass ATM network. Or you can use the funds by swiping your card at any retailer that accepts Visa.

A Breakdown of The RushCard $30 Bonus Offer

Once you have loaded the minimum of $50 into your rushcard you will receive your $30 Bonus. There is no card activation fee, however there is a 1 time card fee of $3.95 when you first load money onto your card. In total you will profit $26.05 for completing the bonus requirements. Select a "pay as you go plan" and there will be no monthly usage fees for your account. There is a $1.95 fee that applies for 90 days of zero transactions.

Steps to Complete the RushCard $30 Bonus Offer

  1. 1.Apply for your new RushCard via the RushCard $30 Bonus Cash Link.
  2. 2.Select your card design.
    note: The design you choose determines the cost of your one time card fee.(3.95-$9.95)
  3. 3.Select your plan type. Your options are the Unlimited Plan($5.95-$7.95 in monthly fees) and Pay as you go(no monthly fees)
  4. 4.Complete the application by entering your information.
  5. 5.Once you receive your RushCard activate it. You can activate your card by logging into the website or you can also download the App.
  6. 6.Set your PIN for your RushCard.
  7. 7.Load the minimum of $50.
  8. 8.Your bonus will be automatically deposited into your account!

The RushCard Refer-a-Friend $30 Bonus

What's great about having a Rushcard is their refer-a-friend $30 Bonus offer. Once you have received your Rushcard you can refer friends and you both will get $30 when they follow the same steps you did to get your $30 bonus.

To get your referral link, log into your account via the website or app.

If you are logged into the account on the Ruscard Website, you can access your referral link 2 ways.

Either click on "Rushcard Rewards" in the main Menu, then click Refer a Friend 

Or you can find the link to your referral code in the sidebar.  

If you are logged into the App, click the Menu Button at the top of the app. This will load the side menu.

Click refer a friend.

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