What is HAU?

HAU is an new hair care line that works on all types of hair! This is not an MLM company. HAU has a referral program that allows you to earn 10% commissions on orders placed with your Unique code. You can also earn 10% from your referrals' referrals up to 3 levels. There are no fees, quotas or auto-ship requirements to earn. You  earn 10% on all orders for life!

To Become a HAU Brand Influencer

  1. To become a HAU Brand Influencer, first you must try the products. Go to koreanhairpacks.com and place an order. Use Coupon code: Casandra for free shipping.
  2. Get a HAU Influencer Code: As soon as your first order has been placed, you will receive an email inviting you to become an influencer. Click the link in the email, and fill out the form.
  3. Once you have submitted your form, within 12 hours you will receive an email with your influencer code. Once you receive your code, you can begin sharing and referring others to HAU.