Digits-Get $5, Give $5 PLUS $100 For 3 Referrals

What is Digits?

Digits by far is one of the easiest ways to build savings. Digits automatically saves money for you. You can sign up for digits via website or mobile app. Once you have signed up you will be prompted to link a bank account. If you sign up for digits via the digits referral link you will receive a $5 bonus deposited to your “rainy day fund” once you complete your first auto-save.

Once you have signed up and completed your first autosave, your account will be considered qualified.

Although you can sign up via the website, if you plan on taking advantage of the referral program, I suggest you download the app to your phone.

Inside the app, when you first sign up, there is usually a referral link that offers you $100 for 3 referrals! You have 7 days before the promotion ends.

How The Digits $100 Bonus Works

To receive the $100 bonus, use the link that is provided in the bonus page.

You must refer 3 friends that complete an autosave.

For the first 2 friends you will receive a $5 bonus deposited into your rainy day fund.

For the third friend you will receive a $90 bonus!

Digit $250 Referral Promotion

Another common promotion is $250 for 5 friends. Again, the promotion will appear in the app and you usually have 7 days.

How to Get the $5 Digits Bonus

1.Sign up for digits via the Digits referral Link.

2.Connect a bank account, you can use Chime 

3.Wait for the App to complete an auto save

4. Once the autosave is completed, you will receive you $5 Bonus.

5. Share the app with friend and when they complete the same steps as you did, you both earn $5 bonuses.

Digit Payment Proof

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