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What Is Drip Network?

Drip Network is the first ever deflationary daily ROI platform.

The Drip Faucet allows you to earn a 1% daily return on your investment up to 365%. What has made the platform sustainable are the taxes that are programmed into the smart contract (we will talk about this later).

Drip Network was developed by Forex_Shark and his team. The Official token for the Drip Network is the Drip Token. The Drip token is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

What Is The Drip Fountain?

The recommended exchange used to trade (Buy or Sell) Drip is the Drip Fountain Contract. The Drip Fountain can be found directly within the Drip website by clicking on “SWAP” in the menu or the “get Drip” Link on the faucet page.



When you buy Drip token from the Drip Fountain, the initial 10% tax is waived. The fountain also provides the lowest prices and highest liquidity which results in less slippage for higher trades.

If you prefer to buy the Drip token on another DEX such as pancake swap you should always confirm you are buying the correct token. Please check the Drip website or telegram group for contract address. As you may or may not know, it is common for scammers to create tokens with the same name in order to trick you into purchasing the wrong token on PancakeSwap or other Decentralized exchanges. This is another reason it is best to buy the token directly on the Drip Website; ensures you are receiving the real Drip Token.

What Is The Drip Faucet?

The drip faucet is a decentralized, Low-Risk, High-reward ROI contract. The contract works similar to a high yield Certificate Of Deposit.

Players can participate in the Drip Faucet by depositing Drip into the faucet. At the time of writing this blog, the minimum deposit required to get started is 1 drip (around 20 USD). When I first joined, the minimum Drip deposit amount was 10, but as the price per drip has increased, the minimum deposit has been lowered, keeping the opportunity affordable for average people.

The drip rewards come from the taxes that are applied to all Drip transactions. The only transaction that is excluded from the tax is purchases of the Drip token from the Fountain. If at any point the tax pool is depleted and there is not enough tokens left in the pool to cover Drip Rewards, then new Drip Tokens will be minted.

However, given the carefully thought out theory behind the Drip system, it is highly unlikely new tokens will ever actually get minted.

Each time a player deposits drip into the Faucet, those tokens are burned.

Also, Drip is constantly being locked into liquidity through the reservoir contract.

Because of these features, Drip is the only Deflationary Daily ROI Platform.

When you deposit Drip into the Faucet, you will earn a consistent 1% per day, up to 365% of your initial investment.

What Are The Benefits of Compounding In Drip Faucet?

The Drip Faucet contract allows you to either claim or compound AKA Hydrate your rewards. When you compound your rewards you increase your daily cash flow and maximum pay out amount. There is only a 5% tax attached to compounding VS the usual 10% tax that is attached to other transactions.

I started with 11 Drip which cost me 0.132 BNB ($37.75 at the time). I have been hydrating whenever my rewards are 1 drip or more. My current balance is a little over 30 Drip.

My Max payout has increased from 40.50 Drip to 113.053 Drip. I am earning about .3 Drip per day.

Since the value of the token has increased since the time I bought, my initial $37.75 investment will earn me a return of about $2,000. That amount is based on today’s price. If the value of the token continue to rise at the rate it has been, my potential return could easily double, or triple.

The Drip Reservoir

In addition to the faucet, you can also add WBNB to the reservoir contract and become a permanent liquidity provider For Drip Network. Deposits into the reservoir earn WBNB rewards indefinitely from multiple dividend streams and income generated from exchange fees. Drip is the only Daily ROI Daap that pays stakers and referrers from the taxes on transaction VS inflation.

How The Drip Referral Program Works

As I mentioned before, everyone who join Drip needs to have a buddy address (Referral Address) in order to deposit into the faucet.

In order to receive a referral reward players must hold bR34P tokens in their wallet. The depth of the rewards is determined by the amount of bR34P tokens each player holds in their wallet. You must also have a positive net deposit balance in order to earn referral rewards. The net deposit = Deposits+Airdrops+Hydates – claims.

Referral bonuses are 10% of the deposit, after tax. The bonus is paid on new deposits and hydrates. For example,

Drip Deposit Bonus Example

Your referee deposits 10 Drip into the faucet.

The 10 Drip is taxed 10% = 9 Drip Balance

10% Bonus = .90 Drip

Drip Hydration Example

Your referee Hydrates 10 Drip

The 10 Drip is taxed 5% = 9.5 Drip

10% Bonus = .95 Drip

Drip Team Bonuses

In addition to receiving bonuses from your level 1 referrals, you can also earn team bonuses

Not only will you earn bonuses from your direct downline referrals, but you also receive a 2.5% deposit/hydrating bonus when you deposit under a “Team Wallet” which is a player that has 5 or more direct referrals.

Below is a chart that shows how much BR34P tokens you must hold in order to receive the 10% bonuses from your downline. If an account is not net positive when a player in their downline makes a deposit, or if you do not hold enough BR34P tokens to qualify at the level for referral bonuses, and if you were the last person to be credited a referral bonus then the bonus will be passed upline to a player who is eligible for the bonus. The Drip referral system uses a round robin system to eliminate the incentive for self referring and other bad behaviors that may take place with other referral programs.

Solo players do not earn team based rewards. All rewards are paid as direct deposits into the Faucet. Since rewards are paid directly into the system, this enhances the longevity of the platform and also promotes long term team building.

You can find the direct link to buy the BR34P token on the Drip website. It is currently on Pancakeswap V1.

Drip Network Whale Tax

The Drip contract also includes a whale tax on withdrawals in order to curve a whales ability to outpace other players in the game. The tax forces whales to kick back some of their rewards which maintains the sustainability of the project. The taxes are are listed below, and does not apply to anyone below the staked holdings.

How To Join The Drip Faucet

To get started with Drip Network, you will need a DAAP wallet. The Drip website works best with MetaMask(I prefer MetaMask on a desktop, the mobile version is sometimes buggy). I’ve also had success w/Drip using TrustWallet.

Here are instructions on how to install and set up these wallets.

How To Install MetaMask Wallet On Your Desktop
How To Install Trust Wallet

You will need Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) Token(s) or BSC. If you are using MetaMask, you will need to configure it to run on the BSC network. Trust Wallet comes ready with the BSC network.

You can purchase the token within Trustwallet, or you can find a list of websites/apps here http://frequentpaydays.com/how-to-buy-trade-exchange-crypto/

Note that Binance Smart Chain is a different network than the orginal Binance token. You cannot send Binance(BNB BEP2 addresses start with bnb) tokens to a Binance Smart Chain(BSC BEP20, addresses start with 0x) Wallet. If you are unable to purchase Binance Smart chain, you will have to swap your BNB for BSC in order to interact with BNB DAAPs.

Once you have the Binance Smart Chain tokens in your wallet, you will exchange it for the Drip Token.

How To Swap BNB Smart Chain For Drip Tokens

Step 1 : Go To The Drip Fountain page where you will swap your BNB Smart Chain for Drip Tokens. Note: You can also purchase Drip on pancakeswap, but will be charged fees and tax. Buying under the fountain page on the Drip website will save you in fees.

Step 2 :Multiply the current BNB price times the number of Drip tokens you wish to purchase.

The current price of drip is always displayed on the page above the buy box.

As mentioned before the minimum deposit amount is 1 Drip.

Step 3: Enter the amount of BNB you want to swap for Drip in the buy box. Do not swap your total BNB smart chain Balance. You need to leave some BNB Smart Chain in your wallet. You will need it for gas fees. I tend to leave a balance of $10-$20 in my wallet whenever I purchase BNB to cover any future transactions I may make (Claiming/withdrawing/compounding transactions on various farms).

Step 4: Adjust the slippage to 1%, to maximize the amount of Drip you receive.

Step 5: Click the Buy Button.

Step 6: Confirm the transaction in your wallet. Once the transaction is complete, the drip will be in your wallet. You can hold the tokens, and earn profits from the price of drip increasing. OR you can deposit the tokens into the faucet and earn 3.65 times the amount of tokens you have purchased.

How To Deposit Drip Into the Drip Faucet

Step 1: Go to the Drip Faucet Page Step 2: Scroll down on the page to the “Get Buddy” Box. Step 3: Enter the Drip Buddy Address into the address Box. Here is my Buddy Address : 0x9c1e9b3b475E7dfd85a0EC165DeC62F586fa8660
Note: You must have a buddy address in order to make deposits into the Drip Faucet. Step 4: Once you have entered the buddy address, click the “Update” Button.
Adding the buddy address requires a small network fee. Confirm the transaction in your wallet. Step 5: Scroll back up towards the top of the page to the Deposit Box.
Enter The amount of Drip you wish to deposit into the Faucet. (minimum 1). If you want to deposit your entire Drip Balance Into the Faucet, click the Max Button.
Once you click the deposit button, you will have to confirm 2 transactions. The first transaction allows the contract access to your Drip tokens. The second transaction deposits the Drip into the Faucet. Step 7: Confirm both transactions in your wallet. Once the transactions are confirmed and completed, your dashboard will display your total deposit (number of tokens you deposited minus the 10% tax) and your Max Payout amount(Deposit amount times 3.65). In the screen shot below is an example of a deposit of 18.85 Drip tokens.


Hydrating Drip Faucet Vs Claiming

After you have made your deposit into the Drip Faucet, you will almost immediately start to accumulate a claimable balance. You will find your claimable balance under “Available”

You have the option to Claim (Send this amount to your wallet) or to Hydrate (Compound) this balance.

Hydrate (compound) by clicking the “Hydrate” Button. This will increase your Deposit and max payout. It will also extend the life of your account. When You Hydrate you will be charged a 5% tax.

Claim (withdraw) by clicking the “Claim” Button. This will send the balance to your wallet. You will be charged a 10% tax. Once the tokens are in your wallet you can choose to hold them, or sell them in the fountain. You can also deposit them into farms on other website

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