Earn $5-$80 Signup Bonuses and $5-$25 Referral Bonuses From Stash

About Stash Invest

Stash is a financial app that is available as a web platform and mobile application. Stash allows you to start a personal investment account for as little as $5. You can also start an auto-stash retirement account, or a spend account that allows you to earn stocks every-time you spend. Earn Stash Bonuses when you sign-up and refer your friends.

Stash Personal Investment Account
Stash offers 3 investment plans.

Stash Beginner
The Stash Beginner plan costs $1 per month. It is the best plan to try stash out and learn the basics. The plan includes:

Personal investment account, free financial education, and debit account access that allows you to Earn Stock-Back‚ (opt-in required).

The Stash Growth plan costs $3 per month. It is tailored to allow you to build a foundation of a healthy financial live. The Growth plan includes all the same features as the Stash Beginner plan with the addition of tax benefits for retirement investing.

Stash’s featured plan is called the Stash+ Plan. The Stash+ Plan cost $9 per month. It includes all the same features as the Stash Growth plan, plus it allows you to create investing accounts for 2 kids. It also provides monthly market insights report aimed to provide you with education and other information on investing.

With Stash you can choose from hundreds of stocks and funds (ETFS) to invest in. You can also choose the frequency and amounts you wish to invest, so that your savings and investments are automatically transferred to your Stash account.

There are 3 Auto Stash choices.

Set Schedule Stash- Choose the amount and frequencies you want Stash to save money.

Round-Up Stash- Rounds up every purchase you make with your associated debit card to the nearest $1. Once your spare change/savings is worth $5 or more, Stash will transfer it to your investment balance.

Smart-Stash – Analyzes your spending and earning patterns to help you save your spare cash. Smart Stash keeps track of your recurring monthly bills such as rent or car payments as well as how often and how much you get paid, then sets aside smalls amount of money. You may also choice a maximum transfer amount of $5, $10 or $25.

Stash Bonuses

How To Receive A $5 Sign-up Bonus From Stash
The current promotion for Stash allows you to earn $5 when you open an account with the Stash Referral Link.

1. Click on this Stash Invest Referral Bonus Link.

2. Once directed to the signup page, enter your mobile phone number to receive a text with the link to download Stash.

3. Click on the download link that you receive within the text message from Stash.

4. The Stash Invest app will be automatically open and you should see the $5 bonus credit being displayed on the app.

5. Complete the registration process to qualify for your $5 bonus. To qualify you must create the account, fund it with at least $5 via your bank account, and confirm your identity.

6. Your $5 bonus will be credited to your new Stash Invest account within 3 business days.

How To Earn The Stash $20 Bonus
In addition to the $5 Stash Investment Bonus, you can also earn $20 when you open a Stash Banking account and receive a direct deposit of $200 or more. Once you have completed the steps to collect your $5 Bonus:

1.Click the Learn More Button under the spend tab. This will lead you the the screen where you can watch a short video about earning stock-back when you spend.

2. Click the Apply today Button.

3.The app will begin building your profile with the information you have already provided.

4.Once accepted, you will want to set up a transfer from your bank account so that your debit card will be printed and mailed to you sooner. The card will not print until the account has money in it.

*After I opened my account, I received an email that invited me to earn an extra Welcome Bonus.

The Stash Debit $25 Cash Promotion allows you to earn an extra $5 – $25 when you make a one time deposit within 10 days of opening your account. For example if make a transfer of $100, you will get a $5 bonus, if you make a one time deposit of $500 or more you will get a $25 Bonus. If you are worried about not having immediate access to your funds until your card arrives, Stash got you covered! You have the option to create a virtual card to access your funds while you wait for your physical card to arrive. With that in mind, I opted to transfer the full amount to maximize my bonus. 


5. Next you want to set up your direct deposit, as far as I know it must be a payroll deposit.

In order to set up direct deposit,

click the move money button within your Bank Account Screen.

Next click direct deposit. On this screen you will find your account information that is required to provide to your employer or other entity that pays you via direct deposit. You also have the option to print a direct deposit form if necessary.

Get Paid Up To 2 Days Early With Stash! + Bonus Cash
Once you direct deposit of $200 or more occurs (possibly 2 days earlier than your usual payday payday, you will receive your $20 bonus from Stash within 5 Business days.

$50 Stash Bonus
There is a promotion within the app for a $50 bonus when you deposit $300 instead of $200.

The promotion ends December 4, 2019 and I am unsure what the terms and conditions are, and if the promotion is available to new Stash App Users. Feel free to comment if you know more about this promotion.


Stash Invest Referral Bonus
Once you have created your Stash account, you can start referring others to earn $5-$25 Bonuses.

To find your referral code, click the invite button within the app.


This will lead you to the invite page where you can track your referral earnings and get the link to invite your friends. There are 3 buttons available to share your link.


Click the share icon located in the top right corner or more options link. This will open up the share menu where you can choose to copy the text and link, text message or other apps that you can share your link to such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also click the Text Invite Button to send a text message.


Once your friend has completed the steps to qualify as outlined above, you will receive your bonus.

You will earn a $5 Bonus for every qualifying Stash Invest account, and a $20 Bonus if your friend opens a Stash Bank account and makes a direct deposit of $200 or more. The funds will be deposited within 5 business days of your referral’s qualification. You can earn a maximum of $500 in referral bonuses from Stash.

The Benefits Of Stash Banking Account
Stash Fees
Your Stash Banking Account is mostly zero fees/no Hidden fees.

There are No Monthly Maintenance Fee
No Initial Card Fee
No Minimum Balance Fee
No Overdraft/Insufficient Funds Fee
No ACH Bank Transfer Fee
No Direct Deposit Fee
No Stash Debit Account Fees
No In-Network ATM Balance Check Fee
No Stolen / Compromised Card Replacement Fee
No Lost Card Replacement Fee
No Statement Copy Fee

If you use an out of network ATM to check your balance, there is a .50 fee. Withdrawals from Out of the network ATMs and Teller Cash withdrawals will cost you $2.50. Making cash deposits vary by retailer up to $4.95. You can load cash at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen and Walmart. You should also note, as mentioned earlier, there is a monthly membership fee of $1-$9 depending on the plan you chose when you started your account.

Stash Stock-Back Rewards Program
Similar to cashback rewards, Stock-Back rewards is their signature debit card rewards program that allows you earn pieces of stocks and funds back on qualifying debit card purchases. You earn 0.125% Stock-Back rewards on all everyday purchases and up to 5% Stock-Back rewards at certain merchants with Stock-Back bonuses. Most purchases qualify for rewards, with the exception of ATM withdrawals, gift or prepaid cards, and money orders.

Stock-Back Rewards Stocks You Earn
If you spend money at companies with stocks listed on the Stash Platform, you cashback rewards will be a stocks of the company you made the purchases. For example, Walmart and Amazon are companies that are listed. If you spend money at merchants that are not listed on the stock platform, for example a local restaurant or car wash, the reward will be a diversified fund instead.

You must activate Stock-Back Rewards in order to participate.


Is Stash Safe
As with any online account, keeping your log in details private are essential to securing your account. You want to have a strong, secure password so that nobody can guess it and gain access. In addition to your account being protected by your password, your access to the app is protected by a 4 digit pin, with the option of biometric/fingerprint access. You can also add an extra layer of security by enabling 2-factor authentication.

Stash accounts are protected up to a maximum of $500,000 total, including $250,000 in cash balances through the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Make note, this protection does not insure against the potential loss of market value.

Uninvested funds are protected by FDIC insurance up to the $250,000 limit per customer at each FDIC-insured bank that participates in the Sweep Program.

More Recommended Bank Account Bonuses

If you are looking for other simple bank bonuses, check out the list below. These are all easy to qualify for the bonuses and have zero fees, or minimum account requirements.

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Upgrade Bank Bonus($100)Upgrade is a fintech bank that is partnered with Cross River Bank. The current promotion for Upgrade is $100 sign-up bonus and $100 per referral! The bonus is rewarded when you use a referral link, and make at least 3 transactions with your Upgrade Debit Card. The debit card takes about 7-10 days to arrive in the mail. Check out our Step-By-Step Instructions on how to claim your $100 from Upgrade!

PSECU Bank Bonus($100) – Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU) PSECU offers a full set of banking products and services, including a free checking account that comes with rewards on debit card purchases over $10. Free ATM transactions (including $20 in surcharge refunds each month),free overdraft protection, online banking and a mobile app. New customers can earn up to $250 in bonuses. Here are the Step-By-Step Instructions for claiming the PSECU Bonus.

Money Lion Bank Bonus($55) – Money Lion is a Fintech company that features a complete money management app which includes an arrange of financial products to help you bank smarter, build credit, invest in stocks and crypto and even access loans or cash advances.  Earn up to $55 sign up bonus from Money Lion, and unlimited referral bonuses! Check out our Step-By-Step Instructions on how to claim the Money Lion Bonus.

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