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Download Games To Your Phone, Play Them, Get Paid in Gift Cards!

What Is Rewarded Play?

Rewarded Play pays you to download and Play Games on your android phone. It is one of my favorite make money playing games applications. Th process to earn money is simple, you sign up, download the suggested apps and earn points by completing certain levels, playing for a specific time period, or completing other tasks within the game app. You can also earn additional points by answering survey questions or inviting your friends.

The reason I love this app so much, is because you continue earning points for the same apps you have already downloaded over and over again! With other play game paying apps you have to download multiple games/apps use them for X minutes, earn your coins/credits and then download a new app to earn more coins/credits. If you don’t have much memory on your phone this means you would have to install and uninstall multiple apps a day in order to earn the maximum amount of credits, but not with Rewarded Play.

Rewarded Play Pays You to Play Games!

Simply download the games that interest you the most, play them in your spare time and earn points, cash out in gift cards!

Rewarded Play Referral Program

Refer your friends to Rewarded Play and earn more points! 

When you refer a friend and they complete the steps to earn their first Gift Card, you receive a $5 gift card as a referral bonus!

In addition to the $5 you can earn per referral, you can also earn an extra referral bonus for every milestone. In other words, you get an additional bonus for every 10th person you invite who earns their first gift card.

10th = $10 (90,000 Points)

20th= $20 (180,000 points)

30th=$30 (270,000 points)

40th=$40 (360,000 points)

50th=$50 (450,000 points)

60th=$80 (720,000 points)

The maximum amount of referral bonuses you can earn is $500 worth of gift cards.

Get Bonus Points From Rewarded Play

Like other paid to apps that we write about on Frequent Paydays Rewarded Play has a referral program that allows you to:

  1. Earn more points and get paid faster
  2. Share with your friends and give them bonus points for signing up with your link!

When you use my referral link you will receive 45000 points as a start-up bonus, once you complete the full set-up! It takes less than 1 hour to earn your first gift card with Rewarded Play! 

Once you hit 45000 points, you can cash-out  $5 gift card.

.Download Rewarded Play Today and start getting paid for playing games!!

Click the button below to claim your bonus.

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