Note: The animal Farm was paused shortly after I made this video. A new version of the PIG token was released.

👇🏽 The Links Are Below The Video👇🏽

Step 1 Buy Pig Tokens On PancakeSwap

Paste the link into your Daap or Chrome Browser.

Link to Buy Animal Farm Pig Tokens: 

Step 3 Add Liquidity To The AFP/BUSD Pool

How To Deposit Into The Piggy Bank

Go to the animal farm piggy bank page to stake your LP Tokens 

How To Buy The Tokens For Piggy Bank

Buy The Animal Farm Pig Token

  1. Go to Pancake Swap and click trade to swap BNB for AFP Tokens
  2. You will receive a pop-up, Click “I understand” and then the import button.
  3. Connect Your Wallet. If it is not already connected.
  4. Enter the amount of PIGS you want to buy, or the amount of BNB you want to use for the purchase.
  5. Click the Swap Button
  6. Approve the transaction in your wallet.

There is no minimum deposit for the piggy farm.. but it is based on the LP token. So you will need an equal amount of bnb in order to swap it for busd.Get BUSD On BiSwap 

I use Biswap to get BUSD tokens because they reimburse 100% of the fees in BiSwap Token. You can choose to use PancakeSwap. we cannot use Biswap for pigs and dogs because the tokens are not listed here.

  1. Go To BiSwap
  2. Click on the exchange tab
  3. Connect your wallet
  4. Select BUSD as the To Token
  5. Enter the amount of BNB you want to swap, or the amount of BUSD you want to receive.
  6. Click the swap button
  7. Approve the transaction in your wallet

**Don’t Forget to Leave BNB In your Wallet For Gas. I suggest .2 BNB

Add Liquidity To AFP?BUSD Pool 

Next we will make the PIG/BUSD LP token. 

  1. Go To PancakeSwap AFP Token Info Page
  2. Click On “Add Liquidity”
  3. Select BUSD from the “Select Currency” drop down menu.
  4. Click the Enable PIG Button to allow the contract access to your pig tokens.
  5. Approve the transaction in your wallet
  6. Click the Enable BUSD Button to allow the contract to access your BUSD Tokens.
  7. Approve the transaction in your wallet.
  8. Enter the amount of PIGS you want to add to the Liquidity Pool The BUSD Amount Will Automatically Populate If you do not have enough BUSD tokens to cover the PIGS Value you will get an error message. Just Click max on BUSD instead. OR buy more BUSD to cover the price of pigs.
  9. Once you have entered the amount of Pigs and BUSD you wish to contribute. Click Supply Button

How to Join The Piggy Bank

  1. Go To The Piggy Bank via the referral link
  2. Enter the amount of LP Tokens you want to deposit into the piggy bank.
  3. Move the slider under lock duration to select the amount of weeks you want your stake to be locked up for. The longer the stake, the higher the timelock bonus.
  4. Click the Approve button, to allow the contract to interact with your LP Tokens.
  5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  6. Once the transaction is completed, the Buy Piglet button will become available. (You may have to refresh the page)
  7. Click the “Buy Piglets” button.
  8. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

You should now have a stake in the piggybank. You can compound once every 24 hours. Or sell your truffles once your timelock has expired.

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