Freedom in 365 Cyclers

What’s So Great About The Freedom Cycler?

8 2X2 Cyclers

The Freedom Cyclers are inside The My Freedom in 365 system. A Free Member can join the Freedom Cycler to unlock training within the system AND make some extra cash while you’re at it!

There are no Admin fees for the cyclers, to enter each cycler members pay other members 100% of the cost to join. These payments are made directly to a payment processor of your choice;Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo, Crypto, etc.

To get started on a cycler, the entry fee is very low!

It only costs $10 get a spot on the Middle School Cycler, that unlocks the money matrix 1 cycler edition.

You may purchase as many positions as you want. This includes the option to have multiple positions in EACH cycler or you can start out on any level/position that you choose. I would suggest grabbing as many positions as you can afford.

If you can only afford to take a $10 position, be sure to upgrade with your profits.
Each Cycler allows you the chance to earn from 4 other members. Your first level of referrals get passed up to your sponsor, and the 2nd level is your payline.


Why Choose The Freedom Cyclers??

Low Entry Fee … ($10)No Monthly Fees
Instant Member to Member Payments
No Experience Needed (Great for Beginners)
No Admin Fees

What Are Some Strategies To Use In the Cycler
Cycler Strategies

As I mentioned before, you can purchase as many positions in the cycler as you want. There are a few strategies you can use to maximize your earning potential on the Freedom Cyclers.

Buy Multiple Cycler Positions At Once

If you purchase more than 1 position on a cycler at the same time you will multiply the amount of times you get paid. Since you are buying the positions back to back, the amount of time it takes to complete a cycle will be quicker.

For example, if you buy 3 positions on the middle school cycler ($10). This will earn you $120($40 * 3 or 12 *$10).

Upgrade & Invest Into The Next Level Every Time You Cycle

Each time you cycle, or make enough to invest into the next level, upgrade yourself to the next cycler. If you upgrade all the way through the Masters position, this will allow you to make a profit of $13,315 

Below is an outline on how this strategy works:

Get Started with $10 on the Middle School Cycler, earn $40 (Keep $15)
Upgrade to $25 Freshman cycler Earn $100 (Keep $50)
Upgrade To $50 Sophomore cycler Earn $200 (Keep $100)
Upgrade to Junior Cycler, Earn $400 (keep $150)
Upgrade to $250 Earn, $1,000 (Keep $500)
Upgrade To $500 Earn$2,000 (Keep $1,000)
Upgrade To $1,000 Earn $4,000 (Keep $2,000)
Upgrade to $2,500 And Earn $10,000 AND keep $10,000 or Reinvest it however you want!

Total Earning $13,315!

By the way, some of the courses that will unlock for you in the cyclers are Forex and Crypto training. So you can also learn how to invest your profits into other avenues besides the cyclers. Cha-ching

Reinvest Into The Same Level AND The Next Level Every Time You Cycle

If you reinvest your profits on the same and next levels each time you cycle, this will keep the payments flowing day in and day out, you are basically reinvesting into 2 positions with the profits you are making off of each level.

Take one position on the same level, and another position on the next level. While the the total profits you keep are lower each time you cycle on all 8 positions than the previous strategy, this will position you continuously earn $8,800 over and over, and over again!

Get Started with $10 on the Middle School Cycler, earn $40, Keep $5
Reinvest $10 Middle School Cycler, and upgrade to the $25 Freshman Cycler, Earn $100 Keep $25
Reinvest $25 into the Freshman Cycler and upgrade to the $50 Sophomore Cycler, Earn $200 Keep $50
Reinvest $50 into the Sophomore Cycler and upgrade to the $100 Junior Cycler, Earn $400 Keep $50
Reinvest $100 into the Junior Cycler and upgrade to the $250 Senior Cycler, Earn $1,000 Keep $250
Reinvest $250 into the Senior Cycler, and upgrade to the $500 College Cycler Earn $2,000 keep $500
Reinvest $500 into the College Cycler, and upgrade to the $1,000 Bachelors Cycler Earn $4,000 Keep $1,500
Reinvest $1,000 into the Bachelors Cycler, and upgrade to the $2,500 Masters Cycler Earn $10,000 Keep $7,500
Reinvest $2,500 into the Masters Cycler, Or Keep the $7,500.

 Total Profits each time you Cycle through All 8 Cyclers: $8,880

Since you are reinvesting you will keep earning commissions, until you decide you no longer want to reinvest into the system.

Although the earning potential may sound too good to be true, go to youtube and look up the Ultimate Cycler, Freedom Cycler is just like it, only a updated version. The difference is you can take multiple positions in the Freedom Cycler, and you do not have to invest in the position before it, in order to start at a higher position. This means you can come right in and get started with a $2,500 Cycler position if you choose. This will unlock EVERYTHING in the system(all training, tools and mentorships) while positioning you to earn $10,000 in profits. If $2,500 is too risky for you, then you can start out in the $50 or $100 cycler. It is 100% up to you how you want to work the cyclers. Of course it makes a good story when you start with $10, and complete all 8 Levels. This is how you turn $10 into $10,000!

How To Get Started With The Freedom in 365 Cyclers

To get a spot on the My Freedom In 365 Cycler, use the My Freedom In 365 Referral Link to create your free account.

Once your free account has been created, log into your back office and complete the Fast Start Training for setting up your account.

It is important that you set up your profile with payment information‚ this is how other members that join the cyclers know how to send you your payments when your profile comes up in the Cyclers .

In case you miss this important step during the fast start training, or need to edit your information later, to set up your payment profile in My Freedom In 365 system:

  • Go to the profile page
  • Click the edit profile button

  • A a pop-up window will open when you click the edit profile button. Scroll down until you see Paypal email. Here you will find the forms to fill out your payment details. It is up to you how you want to receive payments. And you can enter multiple payment details.

Automatic Payment Options

If you choose to receive payments via PayPal or Stripe, these are automated payment options. Whenever a user opts to pay you via PayPal or Stripe, the transaction will be automatically approved within the My Freedom in 365 System.

To receive payments via PayPal, enter your PayPal Email address, in the PayPal Email box. The system will automatically create a button for users to click, that redirects them to the PayPal Checkout page. Once the payment has been completed, they will be redirected to the My Freedom in 365 page, and will have an active position in the Cycler they chose. (note: not all members accept PayPal, but if they do, when you choose to pay via the PayPal button, your positions will also be auto-approved). In my opinion, having an auto-approval payment option available for members to use, is the best option for the cyclers. This ensures there is no delay in the processing of the position. I will talk about manual payments later in this post.)

The second automatic option is Stripe. You will need to enter you keys in order to connect receive payments via Stripe.

The next payment information box is how you would like to receive manual payments, in case users do not want to use PayPal or a credit card to make payments. A lot of users prefer to get paid via Cash App, but you should keep in mind, the system is a Global Opportunity and cash-app cannot be used to make international payments. While it is available in the US and UK, you can only receive and send payments to people that live in YOUR country. Alternatively, you may want to have another manual option that others outside your country can use to send you payments. The more payment options you have available, the better. This way, when you come up in the cycler for payment, you do not miss the opportunity to earn commissions. When a user does not accept a payment option that the user who is making the payment has available to them, typically the user will wait to join the cycler with someone else.

Apps & Companies You Can Use To Accept Manual Payments in F365 System

Below is a list of apps and websites you can use to accept online payments.

When you join using the links below, you can also receive a sign up bonus. If a sign up bonus is available, I have listed the apps that provide sign up bonuses, and the amount of the reward for signing up.


Try Cash App using my code, and we’ll both get $5 when you link a new bank account and send $5! Use referral Code KCXFMJK


Join Venmo with me to get paid and send money. Plus, earn $10 for signing up after you make a bank- or card-funded payment of at least $5 within 14 days.

Signup for strike, verify your identity and collect a $5 Bonus. No deposit, or transfer required. You also earn $5 per referral! Great opportunity to dollar cost average into Bitcoin.


Get a fee-free transfer up to $600 when they sign up with my link.
Send money internationally, without the expensive bank or paypal fees.

You can also use Crypto, below is a list of Apps and Websites that allow you to purchase crypto.

Below is a list of Apps and Websites you can use to earn FREE Crypto:

Get 10 each when your friend completes $100 or more in buys and/or trades within 30 days of completing account verification. Qualified buys and trades include orders placed on the Buy Crypto page, plus the spot trading volume..

Swap or Trade Crypto on ChangeNow!
Create an account to earn Cashback with every swap!


Buy, Trade, or Stake Crypto on! Earn a sign-up bonus of up to $50 in CRO Tokens when you use my referral code and stake 1,000+ CRO.


You‘re invited to try Coinbase! You’ll get $10 in free Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more in crypto.

Joining The Freedom Cyclers

Once you have completed your payment profile, go to the cycler page by clicking “join the freedom cycler” in the menu.

Make sure you watch the video on how to make a Payment, so that you are clear on how the process works.

Once you are ready to purchase a position, click the button for the position you wish to purchase. For example, if you would like to start out on the $50 cycler, click the $50 Sophomore Button.

Once you click the button, you will get a pop-up with payment details. The example below, the member only accepts Cashapp. Once you have sent the payment to the member, you would enter the details used to make the payment in the payment box. For example, “Cashapp $username” and click payment complete.

Once you have your position, start sharing your link & teach your friends to complete the same steps! Get 2, teach 2!

Happy Cycling!!  💰💰

Freedom In 365 Payment Proofs


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