Claim Your $50 Reward From Spritz Finace

Spritz Finance By QuickSwap – Pay Your Bills With Crypto

Spritz makes crypto bill payments easy and pain free!

With Spritz you can make payments on your everyday expenses using your crypto earnings from Meta Force or other DEFI projects without having to trade your tokens for USD and pay those expensive swap & withdrawal  fees.

Connect your DAAP wallet to your bill-pay accounts or bank accounts in just a few quick steps.

You can use the Crypto you earn from Meta Force to pay your bills with Spritz Finance. PLUS you can collect unlimited rewards from those who join the Bill Pay System and complete the requirements to earn the rewards.

Spritz Finance Sign-Up Bonus

We both earn $50 when you join Spritz and make a payment(s) of $50 on your bills! The reward is a credit to that can be used to pay your bills on Spritz.

How To Join Spritz

Note that you will need to confirm your identity with Spritz, it is a quick & simple phone and identity verification (no document uploads are required!).

1. Sign Up For Spritz

Use the Spritz Referral Link to join and create an account.


If you are on a desktop, you can click the link, or copy the link and paste it into your browser.

If you are on a mobile phone, you want to paste the link into your DAAP browser.

Fill out the form to start an account, or use the Sign-up With Google by clicking the button.

2. Verify your email

After you have signed up for Spritz and created an account, first you will have to verify your email in order to proceed with the account set up. Once you receive your email verification code, enter it into the app to complete the first verification step.

2. Secure your account
Once your email is verified with Spritz, you’ll be taken into Your bills screen, here you’ll be prompted to complete the next step in securing your account through 2-factor phone authentication.

Click on “Verify your identity”

You will be redirected to a screen where you’ll enter your country of residence, mobile phone number and legal first and last name.

Enter your details and then click to send your verification code to your phone.

Once received via SMS, you can enter the 5-digit code to complete the first step in securing your account and verifying your identity. You can also resend the phone verification code at any time if you did not receive it.

3. Verify your identity
The next step to complete verification, is to enter the following information:

Current home address

City, state, and ZIP code (Spritz beta is currently available for US residents)

Date of birth

Once successfully verified, you will gain full access to the Spritz app/site. From here you will be ready to start adding bills and connect to your preferred Web3 wallet.

4. Connect your wallet
To connect your wallet, click on the “connect wallet” button and follow the prompts to select your preferred wallet. If you don’t see your wallet listed in the prompt, try using WalletConnect to add your preferred wallet.

Once you connect your wallet and your first bill, you can set up your first payment. Cheers!

Add Your Bills To Spritz

After you complete your account verification, next you will connect your bills.

There are two options for linking your bills to Spritz.

Option 1. Find my bills for me

Spritz can automatically find your bills for you. 

To add your bills to Spritz automatically, click “Find my bills for me” button


Note that in order to add your bills automatically, a soft credit check will be ran to pull your bill-pay account information. The credit pull is performed to make sure the correct accounts are being pulled in and will not show up on your credit report. You’ll need to answer a few additional verification questions related to your previous home addresses, employment info, past bills, and/or other security questions, but they won’t ask for sensitive information like your social security number or the keys to your crypto wallet.

Once you have answered the questions, you will be able to see the bills that are connected to your name and address that Spritz has found. You’ll see notifications for the number of bills we’ve found by bill type category, including credit cards, utilities, mortgage, student loans, and others. Scroll through the options and add whatever accounts you are interested in paying with crypto.

Once you add the bills, and the options are stored in your Spritz account to be paid at any time.

Option 2. Add bills yourself

If you prefer to find and add your bills yourself, you can do that as well! Spritz allows you to search for your bill pay provider (with over 1000+ bill pay integrations) and manually enter account details.

1.Click the “+Add your first bill” button.

2. Search to find your bill pay provider. 

3. Enter your account information and click “add this account” button.

All your connected bill will be saved and display on the “All bills” tab in the main Bills screen.

How To Make A Test Payment On Spritz

When you set up your first bill payment on Spritz you can make a test payment to get a feel for how Spritz works without the obligation of submitting a full bill payment. Set up a test payment in your Spritz account by choosing the bill you would like to pay.

A prompt will appear where you can pre-select payments that value up to $1, $5, or $10, or submit a custom amount. Spritz will match any payment you make up to $10, so you can make an even bigger payment when you use Spritz for the first time!

Once you’ve chosen how much you’d like to pay in your first test payment, choose the asset you want to pay with and then click on “Allow Spritz to pay with your [crypto]” to confirm the transaction in your wallet!

How To Pay Your Bill On Spritz

Setting up a bill payment with Spritz only takes a couple of seconds. When you’re ready to pay a bill, click on the Bills section of your account dashboard. Scroll through the bills you’ve connected to your account (or add another) and click on “Pay with crypto” to set up a payment.

Next, choose the blockchain you want to use for the transaction. At the time this was written, you can pick from the Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Polygon networks.

Once you choose the blockchain, next you can choose the asset you’d like to pay with and enter the amount in USD.

Spritz supports payment with any token on our supported networks, including native tokens like ETH, MATIC, AVAX, Optimistic ETH, and BNB, as well as popular altcoins and stablecoins, including USDC and USDT

Once you’re ready, submit the payment by clicking on the “Pay with __” button and then confirm the transaction and gas estimate in your wallet. You may first need to “Accept” the transaction in your wallet, and then complete the payment transaction.

Once you’ve initiating the payment, wait just a moment for the transaction to confirm on the blockchain. If you are using a faster networks like Polygon or BSC, this should only take a few seconds and the gas fees should be minimal (pennies!).

After the transaction is confirmed you’ll receive a notification in the app as well as via email.

That’s all there is to it!

Spritz  also be allows you to track the progress of each payment by switching through the In-progress & Completed payments tabs on the Bills screen.

Spritz offers thousands of bill-pay accounts in the United States.

Below are some of the types of bills you can pay with crypto on Spritz:
• Mortgage
• Credit cards
• Utility bills
• Entertainment subscriptions
• Phone bill
• Student loan
• Auto payment

Tips for getting the most out of Spritz

If the bill payment account you’d like to pay doesn’t show up automatically when you look for a new account, you can try adding the account numbers manually. Do this by clicking “Don’t see your bill? Add one here” just below the search bar in the “Link a bill” pop up window. Enter your account information to link the bill and set up a payment when you’re done.

If you get stuck at any point in the process, Spritz has several ways to support you. You can open the in-app chat widget to start a conversation with Spritz Support. Plus, you can click on “Share feedback” in the top navigation to leave us feedback, report bugs, and more.