How To Dollar Cost Average Into Bitcoin For Free

Do you want to learn how to acquire more Bitcoin for Free? 

Here are a few simple strategies to pump up your Bitcoin Balance without actually spending your own cash to buy it.

Earn $5 Sign-up Bonus and $5 Per Referral From Strike

Strike is a new pay your friend app that is similar to Cashapp. It allows you to pay and get paid in Bitcoin. You can even get paid in Bitcoin by setting up direct deposit into the app. I know what you are thinking, I did not come here to find out how to buy Bitcoin, I am here to learn how to get FREE Bitcoin. Strike has a referral program that rewards you a $5 signup bonus, and $10 for each friend you refer. Since the app is fairly new, acquiring referrals should be easy for this app. Here is the strategy to dollar cost average into Bitcoin without coming out of your pocket.

  1. Use the Strike Referral Link to download the app. You can use mines: the app is available for IOS, Android and Chrome Plugin for desktop!
  2. Once the app is installed create your account, be sure to enter referral code: 1XVVJO if prompted so you can earn the $5 sign up bonus.
  3. Verify your identity so that you can buy, sell, receive and send Bitcoin within the App.
  4. Trade your $5 Bonus for Bitcoin within the Strike App.
  5. Use your referral code and refer at least 1 Friend a day to the Strike App. When they complete the steps above, you will earn a $10 referral Bonus.
  6. Trade your referral bonuses for Bitcoin. 

Earn Bitcoin When You Shop With Your Cashapp Card

In case you are not familiar with CashApp, the app started out as a way to send and receive instant payments between friends by linking your bank account and debit card.

In addition to sending and receiving instant payments, cashapp also allows you to deposit money into the app, and even gives you a debit card to spend that cash.

More recently, Cashapp has added an investment feature that allows you to invest in crypto and stocks with as little as $1.

Cashapp also offers a Boost feature. This allows you to redeem offers for Cashback on purchases made with your Cashapp Debit card. Think of Boost like an instant discount. You can now receive your boosts in Bitcoin!

Here’s how to earn free Bitcoin with Cashapp.

  1. If you have not done so already, Download and install the Cashapp App. Use the Cashapp Referral Link to earn $5.
  2. Complete the sign-up and verification process, if promoted don’t forget to enter referral code   for the $5 bonus. You will receive the bonus once you use Cashapp to send $5. You will have 14 days to complete this action.
  3. Links a new debit card or bank account to their Cash App account.
  4. Once you have your Cashapp Card

    Follow these steps to start saving:

    1. Tap the Cash Card tab on your home screen
    2. Press Save with Boost
    3. Tap on a Boost
    4. Tap Add Boost
    5. Use your Cashapp Card to make a purchase at the retailer or restaurant you selected for a Boost.
    6. Start earning bitcoin on your purchases. The bitcoin will automatically be deposited into your bitcoin balance.

You can also exchange your Cashapp referral bonuses for Bitcoin.

Earn Free Bitcoin When You Shop With Lolli

 Loilli is a cashback App and chrome plugin. You earn Bitcoin rebates for shopping online at over 10,000+ popular online retailers. You can earn Up to 30% back in bitcoin or cash either through the Lolli website, via the Lolli browser extension or the Lolli App!
Sign up today and get a $5 Bonus when you join Lolli via the Lolli Referral Link
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