How To Install TronLink

TronLink is a browser extension and mobile app that allows you to easily interact with TRON blockchain DAAPs. TronLink works similar to the MetaMask wallet plugin, but for Tron.

How To Install TronLink Browser Extension

Step 1: Go To The TronLink Website;

Step 2: Hover over the Chrome Extension Button.

Step 3: Click on Chrome Web Store.

Step 4: Click The “Add To Chrome” Button

Step 5: The Google Chrome web store will open on the Tronlink extension page. Click “Add Extension”

Step 6: Review the permissions you are granting to the extension, and if you accept, click “Add Extension”


Step 7: The extension will be added to your chrome browser. Once it has been installed, click the icon on your toolbar.

If you do not see the icon, click the Puzzle piece.

This will open the chrome extension menu. You can pin the tronlink icon to your toolbar by clicking the thumbtack icon, or you can access the extension from the menu.


Click here for instructions on how to set up TronLink

Step 1: Go To The TronLink Website;

Step 2: Click either Android or IOS. A menu will open, choose the package you want to install.


For Android users, you have 2 options. You can download the app from the google play store or download the APK.

For IOS users, you have 2 options. You can download the app from the Apple Store, or Testflight.

Once your TronWallet has been successfully installed, Next you need to set it up.

How To Set Up Your TronLink Wallet

Step 1: When you open TronLink extension or Mobile App for the first time, you will have to set a password.

Step 2: After you set your password you will have the option to Create a wallet, Restore an existing wallet, or connect your hardware wallet.

If you choose to create a new wallet, the next screen will provide your seed phrase. Write the phrase down, in the exact order as displayed. Make sure you save/store the phrase in a safe place.  Keep in mind if you lose access to your PC, you will need this phrase to restore and access your wallet.


Step 3: Once you have written down the phrase, next you will confirm the phrase. On this screen you will enter the phrase exactly how it was on the previous screen.


Step 4: Once you have confirmed your seed phrase, your wallet will be ready to use.

To use an existing Tron wallet, Click the restore button.

Step 5: Set an account name and click the continue button

You can restore a wallet with either a private key, Mnemonic phrase or Keystore.

Select the option you want to use to restore your wallet.

Enter your private key, Mnemonic or upload your keystore file.

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