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Step By Step Instructions On Getting Started With Forsage BUSD


Step 1
Intall A DAAP Wallet on Your PC or Smart Phone

In order to get started with Forsage BUSD, you will need a wallet that is able to interact with Decentralized Applications(dApp).

Choose a wallet and click the image for instructions on how to install the wallet of your choice. A new window will open, once you have completed the installation, return to this page to continue onto the next steps. 

if you already have a wallet that can interact with BSC applications, go to step 2.

Step 2
Fund Your Wallet

Once you have downloaded and activated your Meta Mask or Trust Wallet. 

You will need to fund your wallet before registering for Forsage.

If you have never purchased Crypto before, Click the Step 2 button for a list of websites that allow you to purchase BNB.

If you already have enough Binance Smart Chain and BUSD in a wallet, then you can skip step 2 and proceed to step 3. 

Or If you have other Crypto Tokens, you can also swap them to BNB Smart Chain and BUSD.

It costs 10 BUSD to get started with forsage, you should also take into consideration, there may be trading fees, withdrawal fees(depending on which platform you purchased your Crypto from). Fees associated with transferring funds from one wallet to another. As well as fees to interact with the forsage smart contract. The default transaction fee is usually set to medium, you may choose a lower, slower gas fee, or you may choose a faster, higher gas fee. Bottom line you will want to purchase enough BNB Smart Chain to cover the fees for each transaction.

You can also purchase BNB inside of Trust Wallet.

It is important to understand there are 2 kinds of BNB tokens.

The original BNB token is the BEP2 Version.

The BEP2 is the native token for Binance Centralized Exchange. Your wallet address for BEP2 Tokens begins with “BNB”.


BNB BEP2 Address Example

The other version is BNB Smart Chain or BEP20. The BEP20 is the native token for Binance Decentralized exchange. Your wallet address for BEP20 token begins with 0x

Both versions hold the same value. The difference is the BEP20 is a smart token and can be used to interact with daaps (decentralized applications).

You cannot send a BEP2 token to a BEP20 address nor vise versa.

Most exchanges that I am familiar with allow you to purchase and withdraw the BEP2 Version.

With, you can choose which version you would like to withdraw, however and most other exchanges do not have this option. Also, US residence are not allowed to use

If you are unable to withdraw a BEP20 token, you will have to swap the BEP2 for BEP20.

If you purchased your BNB tokens on an exchange, and are using Trust Wallet, you can deposit the BEP2 token to your BEP2 Address and then swap BEP2 for BEP20 right in your Wallet.

To Swap BNB Smart Chain For BUSD, we will use a Decentralized Exchange. Pancakeswap is the most popular.

However, there is a new DEX called BiSwap that reimburses you the costs of your transactions with BiSwap Tokens. 

There is also a referral program for BiSwap.

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To Swap your BNB Smart Chain Tokens For BUSD

  1. If you are on a desktop click -> Biswap Referral Link 

or if you are on a mobile device using a DAAP wallet copy  and paste the link in your Wallet Browser.

2. Connect your wallet

3. Click Exchange under the side menu. 

Note: If you are on a mobile device, you will have to click the menu button to open the menu.

4. Select BUSD as to TO coin.

5. Enter 10 in the TO box (the box for BUSD). If you are planning on investing more than $10 into Forsage, enter the amount you would like to invest. The initial sign up fee is 10 BUSD. Once you complete the registration, you can purchase additional slots within the system.

5. Click “SWAP”. Note: You may have to reconnect your wallet, as I had to in the video below. If you have been disconnected from BiSwap, you will see “UNLOCK WALLET” instead of “SWAP”. Once you reconnect the Swap Button will appear.


7.Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

8. Once the transaction is completed, you will receive a message with a green check mark, letting you know the transaction was successful.

elow is a video that shows a visual example of how to swap BNB to BUSD on BiSwap. They are the same steps as outlined above.

How To Swap BNB For BUSD On BiSwap To Save On Transaction Fees

Now that your wallet is funded with BUSD you are ready to sign up for Forsage BUSD!

Step 3
How To Join Forsage BUSD

To join my team on Forsage use the Team Rotator Link below. **Don’t forget to send me your link so you can be added to the rotator.

1. Copy and paste this link into your desktop browser or Wallet Browser :

You will be directed to one of my team members’ forsage BUSD invite page.

2.Click the “Registration” button.

3.You will receive the disclaimer pop-up, review the text and click the white box next to “I agree and accept”

4.Click the “accept” button

5.Authorize the Connection to your Wallet.

6.Click the “Confirm” Button to confirm the use of your BUSD token to interact with the Forsage Smart Contract. (A small BNB fee will be charged for this transaction)

7.Confirm/Approve the transaction in your wallet.

8.Click the “Register Now” Button to send 10 BUSD and create your Forsage Account. (You will be charged 10 BUSD, plus a BNB transaction fee)

9.Confirm/Approve the transaction in your wallet.

Once the transaction is confirmed you can login to your account. and activate additional slots, get your referral ID, monitor your progress and message your upline or downline.

Below are videos on how the registration process works for both PC and Mobile.

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