How to Swap BNB Tokens for BUSD via BiSwap

What Is BiSwap?

Biswap is the first decentralized exchange (DEX) available on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) Network with a three-type referral system and the lowest fees in the Defi Space.

Biswap only charges 0.1% per token swap. For a limited time, Biswap is offering free trades. You earn 100% of the the fees back in BSW token.

With Biswap you can also earn a passive income from their referral program!

Gain 5% from your referrals earnings from the Farms!

Get 5% of from friends’ profit obtained in Launch pools!

PLUS earn a reward each time your friend makes a swap on biSwap.

I have been using Biswap to swap BNB to BUSD token to get started on the Forsage Platform. By incorporating BiSwap into the signup process for Forsage, you can increase the income you are making with the program.

Registration with BiSwap is not necessary. In order to get started with BiSwap you will need to be on a Web3 browser so that you can link your wallet. Further authorization will be approved through the wallet.

In order to use Biswap you will need a wallet that connects to decentralized applications. If you are on a desktop you can use Metamask or for mobile devices you can use TrustWallet or Token Pocket. Below are links to tutorials on how to install these wallets.

How to install MetaMask Wallet on your desktop

How to install Trust Wallet on your Mobile device

How to Install Token Pocket on your Mobile device

Note that both Mobile wallets come with BSC network already included, however if you are using MetaMask Wallet, you will have to add the BSC network to the wallet before you can get started using it for BSC DAAPs.

How To Add Binance Smart Chain To MetaMask Wallet

Once you have installed your wallet, and deposited BNB Smart chain, you are ready to get swap on BiSwap.

How To Get Started Using BiSwap
If you are on a desktop click -> Biswap Referral Link
or if you are on a mobile device using a DAAP wallet copy and paste the link in your Wallet Browser.

2. Depending on your wallet settings, you may receive a message from your wallet to requesting permission to connect to BiSwap as soon as you land on the Biswap page.

Click the connect Button within your wallet, and sign the transaction to authorize the connection.

If you do not receive an instant request to connect from your wallet:

Click the “Connect To Wallet” Button located at the BiSwap Website.

Click the “Connect” Button within your wallet, and sign the transaction to authorize the connection.

3. Once you have connected to BiSwap, Click “Exchange” under the side menu.

Note: If you are on a mobile device, you will have to click the menu button to open the menu.

4. Select BUSD as to TO coin. (BNB is the default option for the FROM Coin)


5. Enter 10 in the TO box (the box for BUSD). If you are planning on investing more than $10 into Forsage, enter the amount you would like to invest. The initial sign up fee is 10 BUSD. Once you complete the registration, you can purchase additional slots within the system.

5. Click “SWAP”. Note: You may have to reconnect your wallet, as I had to in the video below. If you have been disconnected from BiSwap, you will see “UNLOCK WALLET” instead of “SWAP”. Once you reconnect the Swap Button will appear.

6. Click “CONFIRM SWAP”. Note if the price of BNB has fluctuated while during your transaction, you will receive a message letting you know the price has changed, and will have to click “accept” before confirming the swap.

7. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

8. You will receive a pop-up from BiSwap letting you know the transaction has been successfully submitted. If you are using MetaMask, click “ADD BUSD TO METAMASK” So you can see your BUSD balance in your MetaMask Wallet


9. Click “Close”

Once the transaction is completed, if you are still on the BiSwap Site, you will receive a message with a green check mark, letting you know the transaction was successful.

Video Shows How To Swap BNB For BUSD On BiSwap

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