Qapital Referral Promotion

Qapital Referral Promotion November 2022: Get A $25 Sign-Up Bonus, Plus $25 Per Referral

What Is Qapital

Qapital is a complete financial app that allows you to stick with your financial goals by providing the tools for you to auto save, invest and manage your money.

Qapital Pricing Plans

As of November 2018, Qapital is no longer free. The company offers 3 monthly level service plans.


Price $3/Month

The Basic Qapital Plan is for people who are interested in saving for short term goals. As a Basic member you can create unlimited savings rules with customized automation.


Price $6/Month

The Complete Qapital Plan is for people who are interested in creating a goal based view of their entire financial lives. The plan includes all the tools you need to for saving, spending, budgeting and investing.  These tools make it simple for you to plan for your future by providing you complete control and insight on what you spend today.


Price $12/Month

The Master Qapital Plan is the highest level membership Qapital offers. The plan includes all the same features as the complete plan PLUS allows you to get the first look at new Qapital features, get you access to exclusive webinars and allows you to join Money Missions(in app challenges).

How Qapital Works

Qapital is only available as an App, there is no web version.

Download the Qapital App to your Android or IOS device.

Create your account within the app.

Choose your membership

Link your bank account(s)

Choose your goals like pay off debt, save for college or a vacation.

Qapital will automatically add the funds for your goals from your linked account(s)

You can cash out your monies anytime, and your funds with Qapital are FDIC insured with a “pass through insurance,”. This means your balance is protected by FDIC insurance for $250,000 per user.

How to Get The $25 Qapital Sign Up Bonus

Visit the $25 Qapital Refferal Bonus Link 

Set up your account as instructed above.

Once your first autosave is complete, you will receive your $25 Bonus. There is no limit to the amount of your first transfer in order to qualify for the $25 Bonus.

How To Get $25 Referral Bonus From Qapital

Once you have created your account with Qapital, you can participate in their referral program and receive $25 Bonuses for every friend you refer who complete the same steps you did to receive the bonus.

You can find your referral link within the Qapital App under your profile tab.

Click Invite others

Click the share button.

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